Pneumatics Not Working

Can someone please take a look at our codes and tell us what may be the problem? We are not getting signal to the spikes. The spikes goes directly into the sidecar.

  1. my team actually put the in since teleop is in a loop and it continuously runs instead of begin which runs once.
  2. I would consider using the solenoid vis instead of the relays because you don’t have to go through a spike.
  3. you might have to experiment with the values you are sending to your solenoids-- our solenoid actuated with the values of “off” and “forward”
  4. you might want to use a latch to control your solenoids because right now it only actuates while you’re pressing button 2.

move all controls into, not the startup nodes though.

this will allow them to get an input more than once.

It looks like your Relay code in Teleop is using the wrong enumeration (see the red dots).

  • Delete the ennums and delete the one wire into the Relay Set.
  • Do a Create->Constant on the Relay Set input node to get the correct enum.
  • Copy and paste the enum to the places it’s needed.
  • Now you can delete the enum connected to Relay Set and rewire the original Select back into it again.
    If you do it right, then the red dots will disappear.

Are the Relay green/red LEDs on the sidecar lighting as you work the controls?

The compressor code goes in Begin. Please take it out of Teleop. Nothing else is required anywhere else.
It doesn’t run just once. Start begins a background process that keeps going forever checking the pressure switch and turning the compressor on and off accordingly.

You should not be modifying Robot Main whatsoever.
Keep all your changes in the vi’s under Team Code. That’s why they call them that.

Thank you for the information. It works!