Pneumatics Plumbing

My team is using WCP Dog Shifters this year and we are beginning to work on the pneumatics plumbing. My question is one solenoid powerful enough to use a Y fitting and power both cylinders off of one solenoid or should we use 1 for each?

Yes, shifting cylinders are quite small; few (if any) teams will use separate solenoid valves for them.

When it comes to pneumatics, the solenoid doesn’t determine “power” - that’s a matter of the diameter of the cylinder and the working pressure being used. Instead, the solenoid determines flow rate. If you have a low flow rate, it will take longer to fill the piston, which means it takes longer to reach the maximum amount of force.

When it comes to shifting drivetrains, the pneumatic piston involved is quite small. It doesn’t need to extend/retract very far, so the volume of air needed is minimal, even though the diameter is relatively large.

Given the small volume of air involved, putting the two sides of the drive train off a T and a single solenoid doesn’t really have an impact on performance. Instead, what it does do is ensure both sides shift at the same time (Edit to add: provided the tubing length is the same on both sides after the T). I would argue that is more important than the small fraction of a second more it may take for it to shift once the solenoid is actuated.

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That is a very good point that I did not think of. Thank you.