Pneumatics Precharge

Explain why I’m wrong…

From my reading of the rules, I can charge 30 tanks of air by one robot, one battery, and one compressor on Saturday morning, set that aside, and top of my pneumatic system every match just by tapping into this stored air.

To take this even further, I could swap an identical COTS component (empty air tank) with another identical COTS (air tank filled at 10:00am) and be within the rules to not be reinspected.

Could I store 30 tanks on the robot and just switch which one is the active pair?

Is your air tank connected per the diagram in the rules? or does it have some kind of valve on it to trap air inside?

R86. The compressor (permitted per R85) may be located off-board the ROBOT, however the compressor must still be controlled and powered by the ROBOT when used.
I don’t see anything about the compressor and storage tanks. You can ask in the Q&A, but I’m going to guess it’ll be shot down. Though possibly with additional verbiage added to R86.

R87 “No stored air pressure intended for the ROBOT may be located off-board the ROBOT.”

You’d have to be able to dump all on board air with the relief valve.

Why do you want to add 30 tanks to the robot or off the robot? What advantage does this add vs recharging in between matches?

No you can not put 30 tanks on your robot fill all of them at once and switch between them per

R95 Any pressure vent plug must be:
A. connected to the pneumatic circuit such that, when manually operated, it will vent to the atmosphere to relieve all stored pressure in a reasonable amount of time,

Also you can not store compressed air off of the robot per R91 and R92 as there are no tanks pictured off board in either of the acceptable configurations for the compressor being off the robot.

Why do you think you’re limited to 2 storage tanks?