Pneumatics Problems

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it encompasses multiple things so I’ll post it here. My team has been trying to do pneumatics. We have the compressor properly wired to a spike which is properly wired to the PDB. The PWM cable from the Spike is wired to Digital IO #8. We are unsure where the pressure switch should be wired to. When we plug the PWM cable from the Digital IO into the Spike the Compressor runs without stopping. The Compressor constructor (in Java) currently reads:
Compressor comp = new Compressor (2,8);

Can someone please give us simple descriptions or pictures of where everything needs to be plugged in, and what the corresponding Constructor should look like. We have been struggling with this for a long time and just want to move on -.- .

The spike should be wired to the relay portion of the DSC.

The pressure switch should be wired to a DIO on Input mode, one end on the input (sig) and one end on ground (-).

The DIO I believe supplies 5 volts.

The constructor should be: Compressor comp = new Compressor (Pressure switch I/O slot, Compressor Relay slot);

Relay and Digital I/O are different areas of the DSC. See attached.