Pneumatics Programming Help

Need Programming Help!!!

When we go in and program our pneumatics system we keep getting two red dots on our true/false. When we run the code only the Zero on the control module goes off. Any tips on the rectify this situation?

Remove the constants and the wire, then redo them.

  • Delete the two constants Forward & Reverse
  • Delete the wire from the Select to the Solenoid Set
  • Hover over the Solenoid Set input and Create-> Constant
  • Copy and paste that new constant to the Select T/F inputs
  • Delete the Solenoid Set constant you just created) and wire the Select back into it

The red dots on the block diagram are called coercion dots. This means that the datatype of the terminal is different from the datatype of the wire, but are close enough that the data can be coerced to fit the datatype of the terminal. Make sure that the solenoid direction datatypes are the correct types for the solenoid set vi. EDIT: sniped

As for the “zero on the control module going off”, I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean only solenoid 0 fires?

Post your Solenoid Open from in case there is anything odd.
For example, it may be declared as a Single solenoid, when your Teleop code is trying to control a Double solenoid.

Other common issues include 24v solenoids with the PCM jumper set for 12v or vice versa.

Here is our Begin code.

Well there’s a problem…
In Begin you Open the solenoid, then immediately Close it, so it’s not available for use in Teleop.

Thanks so much for the help! The lights on our PCM are up and running but for some reason we are not getting any action to the cylinder. The lights on the PCM change when we use the controller as well. Any thoughts on why this might be?

If the PM lights for each solenoid channel are turning on/off as expected, then your code is just fine.

That means the problem is just between the PCM and the solenoid value itself.

  • Are the indicator lights on the solenoid itself also turning on/off matching the PCM lights?

  • Is the solenoid rated for 24v or for 12v? (should be marked on the solenoid)
    The PCM jumper must be set for 12v or 24v to match the solenoid rating.

  • Is the solenoid receiving pressure? These are usually pressure piloted valves, meaning there must be pressure present to shift them.

We had it on 12V and it need to be 24V. Everything is working now, thank you!!

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