Pneumatics Setup

So it’s looking like pneumatics are going to be a big hit this year. I was wondering what everyone’s different setups are looking like.
Everything from basics, to how many tanks are used to how you go about filling the tanks before and/or during the match.
Feel free to post pictures, strategies and your team’s ‘base’ for your system!

Traditionally there is little variation in the pneumatci setup, other than as needed for specific functionality. And, filling tanks is identical on every robot. Check the rules.
As for tanks, calculate what you need, put on as many as you can afford.

This year we’ve tried to make an “electriconics board” and a “pneumatics board” that would enable us to plop it down next to a prototype or onto a base to control them. I will try to post a picture of it.

We use the manifold and single/double solenoids from Vex. It’s a fairly expensive option, but we like how compact it is.

Additionally, with regards to compactness, we use the following from automation direct:

  • Gauges (PGU14)
  • Regulator (PRU14)
  • shutoff valve (HVU14-2)
  • U-tube (useful for keeping the gauge/regulator together tight) (TU14)

Also, highly recommend the mcmaster part number 48435K714 for your automatic press relief

Don’t forget to make sure you have tanks, the switch, pcm, and compressor.

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