Pneumatics simply not working


We set up our pneumatics system today and simply can’t get it to work.

We have a spike relay with two wires going to the PDB, and then 2 wires going to the compressor.

The compressor hooks up to the standard brass fitting configuration as defined in the FRC Pneumatics manual, and then some tubing goes to a T that enters an air tank and continues onward. The one that continues onward goes through a few things and eventually reaches our piston.

But that’s beyond the point right now; our compressor is refusing to turn on.

We have a PWM cable going from the Spike to Relay port 1 on the Digital Sidecar; when power is on, the spike relay lights up.

We have a PWM going from the pressure switch on the pneumatic system to the Digital I/O slot 1.

Our programming language is Java, but any combination of code seems to not help.

Any ideas?

Now, this sounds like of obvious, is the digital IO module connected to the correct port? It should be port 4. Also, do you know if the compressor is actually in working order? I know it sounds stupid, but there were times when a sensor was wired up wrong or broken and we had spent days trying to get it to work.

The new image v43 changes the layout of modules. Slot 2 is the new digital(9403) slot

Are you sure? I flashed it this morning and the port was 4. Well this was with the old 8 slot cRio.

edit: you probably are correct… How come it wouldn’t let me install it without it being on slot 4?

when I flashed ours today it wouldnt work right away, then i realized I had to re arrange the modules. There is a table here that shows the layout


I re-imaged our CRIO today begining with the devices in slots the way they were in years past. At first the imaging program said it was fine, once it was done slot 1 and 4 were red indicating there was a problem. Maybe it was I had moved it to slot 2 and showed red then imaged showing green afterwords. Either way the correct location is slot 2.

How is your pressure switch wired? Which pins in the cable go to the terminals on the switch? Can you do some debugging to determine whether the code is actually reading the state of the DIO input? If you disconnect the switch, does the value change? How about if you short across the switch with something conductive?

What color is the Spike lighting up? It’ll be yellow when power is applied but no command is being given to turn it on, and it’ll be green when the relay is activated (the associated Digital Sidecar relay LED will also turn green).

Have you enabled the robot?

Do you have 12v power to the Digital Sidecar?

What is the Robot Signal Light doing?