Pneumatics (Spike Relay, Solenoid etc.) Programming

Ware trying to have the piston attatched to the double ended solenoid push out and pull in when the corresponding relay is activated and/or deactivated. Right now, we’re able to turn the compressor on and off, and we’re able to turn the relay in foward or reverse, however we can’t get the piston attatched to the solenoid to go out when the right relay is set in the foward direction. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


If you’re using a double ended solenoid, then you’re going to want two seperate relays (one attached to each end) so that you can activate one after the other is deactivated. This will push the piston in the opposite direction.

But, if you only want to use one relay, then you can use a single-ended solenoid valve like the one given in the KOP (Part # 13026684… Or if you’re looking at the pdf file of the list, it’s on the bottom of the 13th page… I’ve got it up right now.) The single-ended solenoid has a spring-return so that when you deactivate the relay, the solenoid and the piston will automatically return to its original position.

That’s really all I can do. (I already had to ask the head engineer of our team to help me.) I hope it helped you, or at least made sense. :slight_smile:

Also, if you have any other further questions about your pneumatics system, you can draw up a brief schematic of how you set it up, scan it, and e-mail it to me at [email protected] and we (Team 393) can try to give you any help that we can.

Good luck with your building,
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You are incorrect, you do not need two relays to accomplish this.

Please see the Spike user manual for wiring instructions.

Can you give the part number of the solenoid you’re using? As in, by “double-ended” do you mean two position solenoid or dual activation solenoid?

Edit: ] Also, have you used a meter to measure the voltage going out of the spike and into the solenoid?

I am having trouble programming for pneumatics i dont know where to begin and some advice will help thanks:confused:

Please elaborate on your pneumatics setup and wiring procedures.

of single acting solenoids, # of double acting solenoids, wiring of solenoids (solenoid grounds back to the fuse panel, or solenoid grounds back to the relays), etc.

Different setups require different approaches and solutions. Please feel free to elaborate on your problem’s details when asking for help- it’ll help us to help you better.

If you’re using the double solenoid one red wire will go to the M+ and the other red will go to M-. Both Ground wires can go to the fuse breaker panel. You do not need two spikes for a double solenoid.

For the code you need values of 1 or -1 on the relay outputs(or pwm if you want) to turn on the solenoid on their respective sides.

The double solenoid will remain in it’s last position when both outputs of the spike are off.

thanxs guys this really helps alot:D see you ay competition:eek: