Pneumatics Stuck On

We have a problem with our pneumatics. When we put air into the system the cylinders are stuck on and the only way we can shut them off is to get stop the air from going into them. Right now we are looking at the wiring and tubing to see if there is a problem but what else could it be?

Thanks for the help.

Couple things to check:

  • solenoid is plumbed in the correct direction (if you are using the KOP festo, in is port 1 and out is 2 and 4)
  • try manually actuating your festos to see if it is a programming/elec. problem or if its a plumbing issue
  • if running the festos off of a pneumatics bumper look at the diagnostic lights to see if they are firing when told so. or even if the lights are on
  • if they are 24v festos then make sure your bumper has 24v

I know I am missing a bunch of other common causes but im sure others will chime in.

With the valves commonly used in First air will always be ported to one side of the cylinder or the other. With the Festo two solenoid valve this will be the side last activated. You can manually actuate the solenoid to make extend/retract. This is legal & common. If your solenoid is energized when the robot is disabled, you have a wiring problem.