Pneumatics Testing...with code or direct to power?

As posted in a different thread we are having trouble with our pneumatics. Currently we have our pneumatic system directly wired to a battery. When we attempt to activate our solenoids by energizing them they do not operate. When we activate our solenoids manually they work. As we have read through posts we notice many people stating that you really need to connect the entire system to your robot (cRio) and run code on them to determine if they are working. Should we go ahead and connect everything to the robot to run test code on the solenoids or should we leave them as they are and continue to test them as we have been?

I know this sounds like a newb question but we have only used pneumatics once (two years ago) and so do not have a super clear understanding of them.

The solenoids that came in the kit are 24V and will not work if hooked directly to a 12V battery (like the kit battery).

My apologies, I mistyped. We are in fact providing it with 24v. It’s been a long day…:o