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I have a question. I looked all over the rule book, I just wanted to know if we can use the double coiled pneumatics tubing, like the one from last years kit?

As per the Q&A:

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Default Curly Pneumatics Tubing
In previous years teams have made their own curly pnumatics tubing with the standard tubing and a heat gun. While we could do that again (unless R99 disallows it), it seems a lot safer to just allow the real thing. Is that allowed this year? Is making your own allowed?

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Per Rule <R106> spiral tubing is permitted.

GDC didn’t read that rule closely enough when formulating the response. Consequently, while their response is technically correct (some curly tubing is legal), it is potentially misleading.

[quote=<R106>]The following pneumatics items may be added to the ROBOT:

  • Prior year FIRST Kit Of Parts pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, and pneumatic tubing may be used in addition to those items in the 2007 Kit Of Parts. Their costs must be accounted for explained in Section Additional Parts - Cost Limits and


  • Additional 1/8 inch diameter pneumatic tubing functionally equivalent to that provided in the Kit Of Parts, with the pressure rating clearly factory-printed on the exterior of the tubing (note: alternate tubing colors are acceptable).

<R106> allows you to use old KOP curly tubing (e.g. the one from last year), per the first bullet. It does not allow (or disallow) making your own from straight tubes. The rule that covers modifications to pneumatic tubing is <R99>, and it and its equivalents have been interpreted differently from year to year. It is still worth it to ask on the Q&A whether or not permanently bending a tube using heat is a modification, and whether doing the same without heat is legal.

Incidentally, that rule also lets you use the SMC TIUB07 tubing from previous years, as well as the current Freelin-Wade stuff. (And if you can find any, the 1999 kit had some different 2007-legal tubing, if I remember correctly…)

The second bullet refers only to 1/8" (small-diameter) tubing, like the stuff for the venturi vacuum generator. That doesn’t mean that you can purchase whatever 1/4" (or 6.35 mm) tubing you want—you’re limited to any past or present KOP tubing in that size. Besides, a straight tube is not functionally equivalent to a curled one, so this bullet provides no justification anyway.

Basically, the GDC messed up somewhere, and this is why it’s important to state clearly which takes precedence, the Q&A or the rule (last year, we were instructed that it was the rule).