Pneumatics ultrasonic leak detector at Champs

Our main sponsor, Bosch, loaned us a pneumatic ultrasonic leak detector to bring to Champs. We will be happy to come to your pit to help troubleshoot robot pneumatic leaks.

Team 3489 Category 5
Newton division
Pit C15


Teams will be pumped to see this, but no pressure. Thanks for bringing this!


I’ve always thought it would be good to have a quiet room to take your robot to in order to listen for leaks. This sounds even better.

Thanks to Gene Cowan from team 3489 for coming to our pit yesterday with your ultrasonic leak detector. We’ve had a slow leak since DCMP that was large enough to threaten our auto if a match was delayed, but slow enough that we couldn’t find it by feel or soapy water. Found it and fixed it (nicked tube in push-to-connect fitting), and it’s holding pressure for 30+ minutes now. What a thoughtful service to bring to champs!


Thank you Billfred, for the cringe-worthy post.

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Glad we could help. I’ll relay your thanks to Gene.

And to other teams: sorry if we couldn’t get to all our requests yesterday. Please stop by our pit if you still have pneumatic leakage issues. Newton C15

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