Pneumatics uses

What are some cool/creative ways your team (or really any team you know of) has used pneumatics? Just curious to see what some other teams have done :slight_smile:

My favorite was 1124’s climber this year. It was two giant cylinders that lifted the robot. If they started climbing before time was up, they could keep climbing after time was called.

I do believe that there was some surgical tubing assisting in the climb, but the base of the mechanism was the giant piston.

Catapults - I know of teams who have used pneumatic catapults in 2008, 2014, and 2016

We’ve used small cylinders a couple teams to jostle game pieces into a better location (with varying success) in 2014 and 2015

Arms / intakes - you can rotate them up and down with pneumatics

Suction - 2014 and 2016 had some teams use low pressure to grab balls

Drivetrains - gear shifting, Power take-off, octocanum

Our funky little drivetrain this year used pistons to propel itself over defenses.

(And for gods sake mute the second video and turn off annotations, it’s a long story)

3647 did this too! The crowd always went wild when the pistons extended and we started to lift as the pistons were just so loud.

Where are the pistons located? I don’t see them.

Thats where our pistons were located, they brought the back wheel upwards in each corner when actuated.