can anyone help me find the reason of why my programming to my pneumatic system will not work. I have done exactly what was suppose to be correct by programming the air compressor, solenoid and relay and they were all done through the VI’s that they were suppose to be programmed in and on the buttons that i want them on but it just won’t work. :mad:

We had issues using the compressor control loop VI. We found this post and used the code shown in the periodic tasks section instead of the compressor control loop VI. Our pneumatic system has worked ever since.

Hope this helps you!

Many of us could probably help, but not if we can’t see your code. Show it to us and we’ll see if it looks okay.

Did you try the example projects (they are known to work correctly) to see if the problem might be in your wiring?

Here is our and Teleop.Vi



Can you also post your Periodic Aside from that, it looks like some of the spacing on your refnum names is kind of wonky. Make sure that they’re exactly the same across your .vis.

Here is our Periodic

From what I can see, it looks like you have two spaces between “Air” and “Compressor” in the refnum you set in Begin, but only one space in Periodic Tasks.

Ok Thanks i will try it in the morning also should all of the light on the solenoid breakout module be on