Our team has not used pneumatics on the robot since 2010, so nobody remembers how to program it. We were setting it up today, but it wouldn’t work, and we can’t figure out what went wrong. Does this program look right? Thank you.

mac_idea_code teleop.PNG

mac_idea_code teleop.PNG

That uses button #2 on the game controller, not the trigger if that’s what you were thinking “1” mapped to. The trigger would be index 0.

You can actually delete all the compressor code you have there.
Some of it is incorrectly placed, but it isn’t explicitly necessary anymore with the roboRIO. If you Open a Solenoid, the compressor automatically gets created too.

Just a couple of thengs here. No need for compressor code, that’s automatically created and handled by the new pneumatics module this year. You can also be a boolean value directly into a “solenoid set”, no need for the select. Hope I could help.

That only works for a single solenoid not for a double which the OP’s code handles.