Does any know if it is legal to put an air tank down stream of the pressure regulator in the 60 psi section of pneumatics?

Yes this is legal.

Figures 4-16 and 4-17 (R85 and R86) show air tanks on the low pressure side of the regulator. While no diagrams or rules show it, I do not see anything that says you can only do one or the other.

It is fine. Do you need a large amount of air in a short period of time? Too much for the regulator to pass in that short a time? That’s the only reason I can think of to put tanks on the low pressure side.

Off course there is no rule about what size regulator you use. :slight_smile: My evil twin wants to use a 1 in one just to harass the inspectors. My good twin says it is never a good idea to do something just to harass the inspectors.

Especially when those inspectors read posts on CD, will be at your event, and inspecting your robot… :stuck_out_tongue:

Fortunately for my team, the inspectors know me and make allowances. I think they feel sorry for the flying monkeys. Oops I meant to say the youth. I am not supposed to can them flying monkeys any more. :eek:

Are you sure??? I think I need to make a trip and make some surprise inspections.

Always happy to have the company. I will try to make sure my evil twin is taking his medications.