Hello, another question…
can you use pneumatic parts which are not from bimba? if so, can you specify which?
thanks a lot,
May Walter 3038#

I think that the rules are quite clear on this. I’ll give you a very brief synopsis but you should really read for yourself.

use what pneumatic components that you want as long as

  1. you only use the compressor from the kit-of-parts (you can use the kit motors, however, to create other vacuum and pressure systems (eg blower))
  2. compressor may be on or off robot but must be driven by a Spike via cRIO-DSC and must include a 125PSI relief valve (1 on the robot and, if the compressor is used off-robot, another with the compressor)
  3. must use the KoP manual vent valve
  4. must use regulators to limit high-side pressure to 120PSI (or lower) and working pressure to 60PSI (or lower) and easily visible gauges to observe those pressures
  5. must use the Nason pressure switch from the KoP for compressor control (switch must be wired to the DSC, the cRIO must sense the switch state and turn compressor on/off)
  6. must use the kit 0.16" ID tubing or other brand/model with same ID and at least 125PSI rating
  7. can use up to 4 of the kit accumulators for reservoirs
  8. use ANYTHING else that you want as long as it’s rated for at least 125PSI and hasn’t been modified in such a way that it’s integrity has been compromised (with a cylinder max limit of 24" stroke and 2" bore)

Bimba has graciously offered to donate a free cylinder (s?) to each team via the order form but you’re not required to use them.