PneumaticsModuleType cannot be resolved to a variable

import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.PneumaticsModuleType;

public class Drive extends Subsystem {

private static final int kLowGearVelocityControlSlot = 0;

private static final int kHighGearVelocityControlSlot = 1;

private static final double DRIVE_ENCODER_PPR = (2048.0 * 52.0 * 50.0) / (12.0 * 24.0); // For TalonFX internal encoder(2048 CPR)

private static  Drive mInstance = new Drive();


private final TalonFX mLeftMaster, mRightMaster, mLeftSlave, mRightSlave;

private final NavX mNavXBoard;

private final Solenoid mShifter = new Solenoid(PneumaticsModuleType.CTREPCM, 2); ...

Do you get this when you build or only intellisense? Can you post a screenshot of the window from “Wpilib: open project information”?

it gives like this.

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Is your WPILib VSCode the latest version?
I think the red underline on the pneumaticsmoduletype import is the issue; if it imports correctly the type should resolve.

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