Pnuematic programming

Is there any resource out there for pnuematics code? I don’t quite understand how the pressure switches work, but the pnuematics manual doesn’t mention any pinouts or where to wire the switches.

Do a quick search of the forums, it will bring up many threads.

The pressure switch is a digital input that should be shown how to wire a digital input in the manual for the control system, you can pick the input. We had no pnuematics last year but I think it was adjustable for the pressure that will trip it. Then you can Turn on/off the compressor based on the switch or two switches (one for high, one for low) I think there are also a few white papers on Compressor programming

Check this white paper on the sixth page of white papers for an example

Pneumatic Wiring and Programming

originally submitted: 01.18.2001
by Dan Grostick

The pressure switches are like any standard digital input. There’s no + or -, no specific way to wire it or hook the tubing up for the pneumatics.

When it needs to be filled, the pressure switch will be closed, it will show up as a 1 in programming (current).

When it is filled, the pressure switch is open, which is a 0 in programming (no current).

The rubber stopper on top is removable. Underneath it is a screw that can be adjusted. Tightening (clockwise) will raise the tripping pressure. Loosening the screw (counter-clockwise) will lower the pressure.

cool thanks

I realized that one page didn’t print when I printed out the control manual - the page with ports and pin-outs for switches. Thanks for your help anyway