pnumatic programing

our team has the bot basicly done and so i have a day to work on the code. right now everything works but i have noticed one thing. when you push the button/move that hat to accuate the cylander, the spike stays in the position after you let go. this can be fixed with a simple “else” statement. but should it be? is it a problem if the valve is continuously open? is it better if it closes after a certin period of time or when the user releses the button? im not a pnumatic guy, i just write the code. i supose the only benifit that i could see is that there is a constant current drain if you leave it on, there isnt if it shuts off. thanks all. :confused:

it depends. are you using a double-acting solenoid or a single-acting? Single-acting solenoids will go back to their default position if the circuit is broken, while double-acting ones will stay in their last position.

were using 2 double solonoids… 2 wires each with 1 spike per, a diode and a common ground.

then it doesn’t really matter whether you apply power momentarily or constantly - although as you said, constant power = constant power draw. Thus, you might make it only be momentary power, say for 500ms or so.

Are u using a double or single solenoid for this action ur talking about?
W/ the single solenoids the power has to be continues (relay foward) in order for the cylinder to remain in that posittion (extended for instance) once power is removed it will return to the other posittion (retracted). Note: this only applies to Single Solenoids !

hope this helps

try reading the entire thread next time…

I did , but at the time i began typing my reply only the original post was there. Im a little slow w/ my response time, i only realized after i posted that u had already answered the question

thanks guys. i think im just gonna have it release when they let go of the button. saves me a variable, timing and makes it darn easy. and besides, people cant hold a button for less then 500ms anyway. thats a SHROT time in people time

eh, no biggie :slight_smile: