If you were there or watched live the finals were great.

1 alliance 3238 Cyborg Ferrets- 3663 CPR- 1318 IRS

#2 alliance 2046 Bear Metal- 2471 Mean Machine-1595 Dragons

The #2 alliance posted a 140+ in auto then field fault
Final #1 restart posted a 139 auto and played to a 484 to 450 victory.
Final #2 alliance posted a 141 auto and played to a 471 to 452 victory.

Final #1

Final #2


Seems like the videos for those matches are only 2 seconds long each :frowning:

Here are the videos

F1 -
F1 - full field

F2 -
F2 - full field


Haha yes, that match was extremely fun to play. 2046, 2471, and 1595 had consistent 2 rotor autos. Unfortunately, we missed our auto in finals 2 which we would have won by 1 point sending it into a finals tiebreaker. Nonetheless, it was an intense match and the #2 alliance came out on top.

I figured I’d throw out that according to the blue alliance, the PNW championship also had far higher qualification and elimination averages (288 to 249 and 373 to 323 respectively) than the rest of week six events, as well as higher percentages for achieving objectives. It was awesome to attend such a competitive event!

Wow! Awesome play… but also awesome video work. Well done to the PNW FIRST media team!


I enjoyed watching 2471 deliver this bruising hit on 3663, only for 3663 to get their revenge a minute later.

Lol, I have to admit they got me pretty good with that hit. Mean Machine in my opinion was the strongest bot at that PNW competition. They could easily push a 120lb robot out of the way if they were being defended.

Here is another good example below

Qual Match 117

The hit between 1595 The Dragons and 4662 Byte Sized Robotics in Semi Finals Match 4 with 80 seconds left was the brutal hit of the tournament. It took both robots out of the match. Fortunately, both teams returned for the Tie Breaker.

you have to watch 2811s defense this match. it was awesome

That was brutal. It seemed mostly like a blind hit. 1595 came around the corner going fast, knocked over 4662, flailed around a bit, and then died, too.

Wow! That was sweet. Sure wish you guys were going to World’s. You have a great robot.