PNW Auburn-MV - Violent Gameplay

Going into the competition, we felt that the gameplay was focused on teamwork and strategy. But as the matches progressed we feel that the gameplay became more violent and aggressive without penalty.

In the driver’s meeting we were told that strategies aimed at harming other robots would be penalized. This was also reinforced in the finals alliance captain’s meeting after alliance selection.

We feel that one such strategy affected our robot and our pick-up system. Early on we had no problems but in one match one of our pick-up arms was bent. Afterwards, it started happening more and more as the gameplay became more intentionally violent. In another case a robot seemingly drove across the field to ram Team 4469, damaging their frame. The only time a penalty was called was when a team ran into Team 2907, severely damaging their robot.

Does anybody else feel that there was gameplay outside the rules G27 and G28 that was not penalized?

G28 States as follows:

Initiating deliberate or damaging contact with an opponent ROBOT on or inside the vertical extension of its FRAME PERIMETER is not allowed.


*High speed accidental collisions may occur during the MATCH and are expected. ROBOTS extend elements outside of the FRAME PERIMETER at their own risk; no penalties will be assigned for contact between two such extended elements.

A ROBOT with an element outside its FRAME PERIMETER may be penalized under this rule if it appears they are using that element to purposefully contact another ROBOT inside its FRAME PERIMETER. Regardless of intent, a ROBOT with an element outside its FRAME PERIMETER that causes damage to another ROBOT inside of its FRAME PERIMETER will be penalized, unless the actions of the damaged ROBOT are the catalyst for the damage.*

Its a risk to have something go outside the frame perimeter. I’ve seen a lot of designs this year with appendages going outside the frame perimeter and expect most of them to break during competition. As for the high speed collision, its sad to say but its the nature of this game. This game is leaning towards heavy defenses and teams should be prepared.

Unfortunately we think you are right - but that is going to make the game look more like Battle Bots than actual team play.

In our first competition the day started out with good defense - yes there was pushing but not full speed ramming of robots. The group in the pit next to us had the frame bent in about an inch (not called) and not totally noticed until back in pit.

It’s looking like you should just make your bot a 120lbs monster and get people out of the way - but I am not really sure that is intended for the game.

Here is the damage to my teams robot that was described. The metal should follow the bumper line. The metal was 1/8" aluminum and we did not expect this to happen at all. We have increased the structural integrity as we expect gameplay to become more violent.

Just a side note, the wood for the bumper did not even crack from this hit. :ahh: