PNW Block Party 2021

PNW Block Party 2021

2910 is excited to announce the inaugural PNW Block Party. A two-day FRC event held September 18th-19th at Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek WA.

We will be playing the 2021 FRC game INFINITE RECHARGE with the real FRC field. Teams will have a pit with power, a full set of qualification matches, alliance selections, and playoffs. We will be using the 2021 INFINITE RECHARGE rules.

Registration is now OPEN and we have space for about 30 teams. We take registrations in the order that they’re received. The registration fee for the event will be $250. Teams can compete with a second robot for an additional $100. After the registration form is completed, we will be in contact with you to arrange payment.

We are also looking for volunteers! Volunteers will receive a INFINITE RECHARGE volunteer T-shirt. If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, please sign up here.

Masks will be required. Additional restrictions may be added. We are hopeful that this event will be able to take place but it will depend on the state of COVID as well as CDC and school district guidelines/rules.


This is our preliminary schedule. It is subject to slight adjustments as we get closer to the event, but should be pretty close overall.

  • Friday 9/17
    • 4:30 FIRST WA trucks arrive
    • 5:00 Gain access to gym, set up
  • Saturday 9/18
    • 7:00 Doors open, team load in and check in
    • 8:00 Field calibration
    • 8:30 Practice matches start
    • 11:00 Driver’s meeting
    • 11:30 Lunch
    • 12:30 Opening ceremonies
    • 1:00 Qualification matches begin
    • 6:00 Saturday matches completed
    • 6:30 Pits close
  • Sunday 9/19
    • 8:00 Doors open
    • 9:00 Sunday qualifications matches begin
    • 11:00 Alliance selection
    • 11:30 Lunch
    • 12:30 Playoffs
    • 4:00 Closing ceremonies
    • 4:30 Teardown

Super excited for our event this weekend. Below is our team list.

1294 Top Gun Robotics
1318 Issaquah Robotics Society
1899 Saints Robotics
2147 CHUCK
2412 Robototes
2557 SOTA bots
2910 Jack in the Bot
2930 Sonic Squirrels
2976 Spartabots
4089 Stealth Robotics
4512 Otter Chaos
4682 Blanchet Robotics
4911 CyberKnights
7461 Sushi Squad


Is the event going to be streamed?


Live stream is here!


Just want to say a big thank you to 2910 for hosting this event, we had a blast! Was great opportunity for all of our students to learn/relearn how competitions work, get people comfortable in new roles and socialize with all of our robot friends!

Huge shout out to our alliance partners 4089 and 4682, who carried our dying robot to finals.


Thanks for the event! It was a lot of fun for all our members, and the drive team and pit crew learned a lot about the competition experience. PNW Block Party brought our team back to the FRC comp spirit after 18 months of no competition! We know a lot of effort went into planning this competition and we hope it payed off as much for you guys as it did for us.

We hope to see you all sometime soon,
The Spartabots


Thank you for hosting the event, 2910! It was a ton of fun, and I hope this happens next year too! It was an amazing opportunity for new members, and it was great to be able to captain the 4th alliance. Thanks to our partners, 2147 Chuck and 2557 SOTAbots.


We were honored to host! It was cool to be on the planning side of it - could not have done it without all of the amazing volunteers and we were super grateful that teams were able to make it this early in the school year.

I love the alliances that were made, great picks there. The cohesion of all teams and positive energy was really refreshing after well over a year of mostly zoom screens. Y’all are the best!


TOTES!!! Thanks for letting me borrow a drill. Somehow I didn’t pack that right away and needed to fix panels under the lift. Couldn’t have done it without y’all.

Also, I think it was you guys that had some great defensive play with blocking trench shots. Super cool moves!


We had a great time. Our drive teams were all brand new and I know all of them were psyched to be able to play with you all through quals and the finals. Thanks for being part of an awesome weekend + experience :slight_smile:

We look forward to more offseasons + the 2022 comp!


The full event playlist is already on Youtube. PNW AV crew rocks!

Qualifications match schedule

Playoff match schedule


Thank you for picking our dying robot and massively helping us on getting it back to functional. We had a great time being on an alliance with you guys and 4682 as well.

Also thank you 2910 for making all of PNW Block Party possible!

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