PNW Block Party 2022

2910 is excited to host PNW Block Party again this year! Block Party will be a two-day FRC event held October 29th-30th at Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek WA.

We will be playing the 2022 FRC game RAPID REACT with the real FRC field. Teams will have a pit with power, a full set of qualification matches, alliance selections, and playoffs. We will be using the 2022 RAPID REACT rules.

Registration will open at approximately 3pm PST on Friday, 8/19/2022. We have space for about 30 teams and are planning on 10’x10’ pits for each team. We will take registrations in the order that they’re received. The registration fee for the event will be $300.

After 2 weeks, if we are not at 30 teams we will also open up registration for teams to bring a second robot/drive team at a cost of $100, again first come first serve.

If you are interested in volunteering at Block Party, please fill out the following form. If you are a frequent volunteer in the PNW, please check for emails from Mara at FIRSTWA:

Answers to some questions received from the PNW Block Party Interest Form:

  • If we bring two robots will we have to share a pit or can we have an adjacent pit?
    ANSWER: We will only have 2nd robots if under 30 teams register. In that case, we would provide an adjacent pit. It is important to note that the opportunity to bring a 2nd robot/drive team is not guaranteed at this time.

  • What is the food situation?
    ANSWER: We will aim to have some concessions available. There are also many restaurants nearby, such as in the Mill Creek town center a short drive away.


Can’t wait to go! So excited for all the PNW offseasons.


Hi all!

Registration is now OPEN:

If you have any issues with filling out the form (ex: it doesn’t let you for some reason), please contact me directly via email at: [email protected]


We are also stoked. Girl’s Gen… Bordie… Block Party… AND add some Chezy magic on top of that? This fall is going to be AMAZING.


Registration for a second robot is now open, same registration link as in previous post.

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Event Website:


With Chezy Chanps finished, any plans on using the Chezy ruleset or double elims? Or will it continue being the 2022 season rules and single elims.
The new ruleset seemed a lot more fun so I’m curious on if there’s any plans to adjust for the off-season.



While we enjoyed the Double Elims & Chezy rules, we are not planning on that for PNW Block Party this year. We may consider it for future years.

Part of the rationale for it is that we planned on doing the event prior to experiencing Chezy rules. There are some other team experience & logistics reasons for sticking to the original ruleset & elims structure, at least for this year.

I.E., we are sticking to what people are familiar with, barring massive & late changes to the team list.

The webcast is up.