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I am from rookie team 8032. I was nominated by my team for Dean’s list. I was interviewed on Saturday at the PNW District Glacier Peak Event, but I am very confused as to how the whole process works. I received a “semi-finalist” pin, so I assume that I am a semi-finalist, but I am not sure when and where finalists are picked. If I understand correctly, 4 finalists are chosen from PNW District Championships, and then 10 are chosen at World Championships?
I would really appreciate an explanation of how the selection process works!

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not sure exactly about the numbers for PNW, but a certain amount of nominees become semi-finalists from each district event, then a certain amount of that pool becomes finalists to represent PNW at worlds, which is likely announced at your district championships. You might have to do another interview at district championships, but I’m not fully sure. Then if you make the finalist pool, you are in a pool of ~350 other finalists from around the world, of which 20 (10 FRC and 10 FTC) are selected to win, which is announced at the world championship. All Dean’s list Winners from any region the funnels into Houston is announced at Houston, and the same goes for Detroit, but it isn’t necessarily split in half ( last year was 13 from Houston and 7 From Detroit). lmk if you have any other questions, and I hope that clarifies a few things.

PS: If anyone from the PNW can clarify, please do.


That makes sense! Thank you so much for the fast response!

No problem. ik you already are part of the way into this, but if you have any questions about the deans list process in general (interviews, etc.) feel free to DM me (I went through this last year, not in PNW tho).

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I’m not from districts but I am a dean’s list finalist so take that as you will. It is my understanding that each team’s nomination(s) are semi-finalist and get the semi-finalist pin and then each district has a certain number of dean’s list finalists that are usually announced at district champs. After that a dean’s list finalist is a dean’s list finalist regardless of if they are in districts or regionals and FRC or FTC, everyone gets to attend the finalist lunch at each championship where the winners of the dean’s list for each program are announced respectively.

As another fellow nominee, I would like to ask, what kind of questions were you asked by the judges during the interview? (This goes to anyone else who knows/has been interviewed)

Hey! First, congratulations on Dean’s list nominations. I got to watch you guys compete last weekend, your team was very impressive for a rookie.

I had the honor to be nominated for Dean’s list when I was a student, so I can help shed some light.

So, you will be interviewed at either your teams first or second district event. I assume (and hope) that it wasn’t your first event, at GP, or else you may have missed your opportunity to be interviewed, and as such, become a finalist.

Looks like you’re going to be at Auburn next, a very fun event (the event I was interviewed at!) When you show up with your team om Friday, go to pit admin. They will either have a posted list of interview times, and you can check yours, or, you will be able to sign up for one.

They will pick two students to become finalists, at the event, and if you are chosen, you will get to compete at the district championship! Congratulations!

Hope this help, let me know if you have any other questions about anything :call_me_hand:


P.s. all students that get nominated for Dean’s list get a simi finalists pin, so don’t read into that (though still a very impressive feat!)


It will depend on the interviewer, but they usually have to do with your contributions and involvement with first. some example questions include: How do you exude Gracious Professionalism? How do you contribute to your team? etc. there is a list of practice questions somewhere…

Edit: here it is:

Also, this thread has a lot of good tips for DL nominees

@000peo if you have any questions about DL, feel free to dm me. I went through this last year.

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I was nominated in 2014 so I don’t remember every detail. From what I remember i was interviewed at my second district event. (I think it was wilsonville) I think it was supposed to be a 5 min interview, but it took longer than that. They asked questions like “What’s your role on the team?” and “What are your goals for the team?” I remember it being a pretty relaxed atmosphere. I think they called us Dean’s List Nominees. Then two Dean’s List semifinalists spots were given out at awards ceremony. At DCMP there was no further interview, but they gave out 6 finalist spots at the award ceremony. At champs (in st Louis) they had a special ceremony during the middle of the competition (that I almost missed and that almost caused me to miss the team’s next match) where they announced the 10 winners.

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As Cole said, it depends on your interviewer. Be sure to know your entire essay as they might ask questions you weren’t expecting to ask. Generalized questions for me however were: What do I do to make strategies for the team, how to I lead the programming sub-team, how do I make others engaged with FIRST. A few recommendations however: This interview is all about you, talk about what you did for the team. It’s okay to talk about certain team accomplishments but try to link it back to you. Keep it true and honest. If it isn’t true about yourself, do NOT say it… you are only hurting yourself by saying false things about yourself.
If you are trying to point out a trait you have, show don’t tell. Tell a story on how you use that trait or characteristic.

One last thing,
Congratulations on being nominated for Dean’s List Semi-Finalist. Even if you don’t get selected for Finalist, you still did a major amount to get that position… out of everyone else, you were of 2 possible people on your team to be selected for this! You definitely stuck out of others to be selected by your team/coach for this nomination! Good luck!

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Hey! Dependent on which state you live in, 2/3/4 finalists are selected per state. They are invited to go to World’s for the Dean’s List Luncheon where they announce the 10 winners in FRC and 10 winners of FTC.

Good luck!

This one page document from the compass alliance (direct link) is what I practiced off of and what propelled me to my win.

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Clarifying some of the details on PNW specifically.

By being nominated by your team, you are a Dean’s List Semi-Finalist (which is why you have the pin). Because it’s infeasible for every Semi-Finalist to be interviewed at the District Championship (and not everyone is there), you’re interviewed at one of your districts like you were at Glacier Peak. From there, two students were chosen for the event (announced during the awards ceremony) and will be eligible to be named Finalist at the PNW District Championships. That itself is not a formal award and doesn’t have a different title, which is some of the confusion and why it’s not listed online anywhere.

From there, what others have said is correct, you advance as a Finalist to the World Championship where you can then become a Dean’s List Winner.

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