PNW District Highlight Videos

Students from the media teams of 2910, 1983, and our own 1318 have been coming together at all the district events to make the media content we deliver amazing. Every week, as our media lead insists, there will be a highlight video at the attended events showcasing all the action and fun of 2.5 days in 2.5 minutes. We have currently made one for Girls Generation 2013, Auburn Mountainview 2014, and Glacier Peak 2014. We will continue posting our highlight videos to this thread starting with Mount Vernon 2014 next week. Enjoy.

Girls Generation 2013:

Auburn Mountainview 2014:

Glacier Peak 2014:

Currently I see Glacier Peak to be the best so far. I have yet to get the formula down, but I have a basic idea for how each should be shot. The opening and closing shots are definite and I might add some tilt-shift shots for the next two. I also have to keep exposure the same throughout. A lot of those sped up shots were done in camera and that is why they look god awful. Other than those complaints from my end, I hope everyone enjoys them. :slight_smile:

Still so proud of the Glacier Peak one. Woodie Flowers asked for a copy of it after we showed it! :smiley:

Just wait, it is only going to get better as we go!

Do you guys care to share your setup? Do you guys usually go in with a shot-list? Or just shoot a bit of everything?

So far we have yet to go in with any idea of what we are going to do other than the opening shot from Auburn and Glacier Peak, so yeah shoot everything and pick the best. I shot the entire thing on my 60D with a Tokina 11-16 (spencer’s), Canon 70-200 Mk II, Canon 24-105, and a 50 (spencer’s). Most shots are done with a monopod (spencer’s) upside down for stability. This setup got me almost every shot until I started to need fluid movement for which I got a tripod with a fluid head.

Shorewood will be killer because I will be brought 2 5D Mk IIIs, a steadicam, and a bigger plethora of lenses. I will try to put out all the best shots in a compilation for the public on public domain, because I love giving away footage so that way I don’t have to see cellphone footage everywhere :slight_smile:

On the software side, we’re doing everything in premiere pro and exporting 1080 at (I believe) 29.97 fps.

We’re still on trial version, but I’ll be bringing along my laptop, which has the full version, but I’m too lazy to install the CC version, so CS6 will have to make do.

EDIT: I just noticed we forgot to mute the opening scene outside the doors. You can faintly hear a voice sped up in the background…

Wow, that is a ton of gear. I have a pretty basic setup; Canon T4i w/ Canon 18-135, and a Samyang 14mm (Along with a steadicam). I’d die to have a 5D Mk II.

I basically live for camera gear I can tell you that what you have is good enough to do everything I do. Any APS-C sized sensor, not Nikons though, can do what I did in my video. Go search up Magic Lantern because it is one of the greatest things for Canon SLRs. If you need some help feel free to PM me.

Don’t lust for bodies, lust for lenses. Because lenses have the biggest impact on your stuff.

Everything was exported at 29.97, but most of our stuff is shot in 24 with ML giving us exact FPS, so a lot of the footage is just slightly sped up, but not by much.

Either that or I switched half way through. I’m not actually sure.

EDIT: I’ve watched the video enough times to notice that noise. It is quite annoying. We will fix that next time.

I’m sorry, but I have to fix this Spencer. There are just a few problems and I need to add to what you have listed.

“As Nikki hinted at, the gear we use is not all one person’s. As an A/V team we work hard to assemble all the gear necessary to create the highest quality product. The gear is primarily provided by members from 2046 (mentor) ,1983 (students) ,and 1318 (students) but we also try to bring in special tools that we have access to when available. For example at Auburn Mountainview, we had a phantom high speed camera that was used for instant replays in the webcast. At Shoreline Week 4 and Auburn Week 5 we MAY get a MOVI M5 and we will definitely have all the gear Nikki specified along with some jibs, tripod setup with external recorders and monitors using a single 5D and a 16-35 f/2.8, and a full steadicam arm and vest system. A plan is currently in the works for for having a Line Cam set up at the PNW District Championship in Portland. The team has been doing a great job of tapping into whatever resources are available.”

2014 Mount Vernon Highlight Reel:

Mount Vernon Gear Pictures :

Full Gear List: All gear is Canon made unless stated otherwise

Bodies: 6D, 7D, 60D, 40D

Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 (2), 24mm 1.4 (1), 24-70 2.8 Mk 1 (1), 24-105mm 4.0 (1), 40mm 2.8 (1), 50mm 1.4, Flare Factory 58m 2.0, 70-200 2.8 IS Mk 1 (1), and my personal 70-200 2.8 IS Mk 2 (I love it so much) (1).

Support: Manfrotto 190 More Tripod, Manfrotto 054 Q5 Ball Head, Bogen-Manfrotto 3130 Fluid Head, Joby X Ball Head, Joby Gorilla Pod, Gitzo Carbon Fiber Monopod, Manfrotto Aluminum Monopod.

Other stuff: 20 Cans of soda. 50 candy wrappers, 2 computers, 4 SD cards, and 1 smack in the face to get ready to pull off something this stupid.

2014 Shorewood Highlight Reel:

Because I would like to explain why this video is so much smoother in most parts of the video…


most of the stuff listed above + this stuff below.

CMR Blackbird Stablizer
Steadicam Arm and Vest w/ Electronic Follow Focus
5D Mk III w/ 16-35 f/2.8L USM or 24-70 f/2.8L USM
SmallHD DP4 Monitor
and tons of Really Right Stuff clamps and L-Brackets and other stuff because Really Right Stuff is really right.

Other stuff:
20 more cans of coke
SOO much candy
Healthy Breakfasts and Lunches
Young people with good backs
Mentors with tons of equipment.

Don’t forget about Fort Awards!

LOL, I have photos that I’ll post later. That was hilarious.

You guys were awesome. Fort awards was pretty funny looking- for those of you wondering, this was what they had to do to hide the AV people during Awards because it could be seen from the audience behind them (two sided event).


You have been providing the best video feeds from any district or regional.
Keep up the great work you make the FIRST family proud.

Thanks for posting this. I think I may have left a SD card somewhere or they were on one of our CF cards. If we look around we may find some photos of the crew working on awards with just the glow of the computer screens on their face. It was amazing how quickly we set that up.