PNW FIRST DANCE - links for learning

Here are a few links for seeing this new dance.
And couple links on youtube and my Facebook for learning the moves.
We had fun doing this in Portland and a few other teasers out in the Pacific North West.
Enjoy. Do the Dance. Ask if you got questions or suggestions. Thanks, Brogan Thomsen from Seattle, Dance Captain. ( and remember just cuz I am captain doesn’t mean you should foollow me….)

As to the Backstory–I had the vision for this since around 2008 in Atlanta…yeah took a while to really do it. It is just meant to be one of our dances. It is structured pretty much like a FRC match. Each year we can tweak. Have a Kick-Off.B

HERE SHOULD BE THE LINK TO PNW FIRST DANCE Teaching 2 video. <== this is the one to learn from. has current full mix and fairly correct tweaked moves. ( again actual Cue cards and spread sheet for the Dance Impaired are listed/ posted on group page.)
And here is the slo motion version for The Dance Challenged ==>

group link=

the dance reveal vid==>

And this is why I think you are awesome!

I do want to point out a couple of things about the ‘Reveal’ Performance there in Portland…(.I mention this in the comments on youtube and also I think in some posts on the Facebook Group).
But I’ll just point it out here.
SO when you watch the 2:30 dance you may notice that we are not all in synch and even somewhat confused about some of the moves.
…Well …there is a reason for that .
The main reason is that a large portion of the dancers had learned this dance like two hours before…or maybe two days before. And by ‘learn’ I mean I grabbed them in the pits and ran through most of the moves with out any music or proper dance models. Yeah I gave them the link to my basic video…but that is of a pretty loose group and shot from the front and side…not best for learning…and who had time for that anyway…so it was just some odd orange guy talking about some dance thing…
Of course my most fun story is yet to be told……
This involves the Spirited Whidbey Island Wild Cats Team 2980…they are the small group in white lab coats in middle of the Field. They only HEARD ABOUT the dance less than 20 minutes before being kinda forced to the field. It shows just how much Spirit and spunk they have. NO wonder they won the Team Spirit Award at the PNW Championship.!

It still is amazing we got so many on the Field for that…quite a few did not even know that the music was going to suddenly do a ‘Bait and Switch’… from YMCA to FIRST DANCE MIX
Have fun and Dance On, Brogan from Seattle

Every time Gangnam Style played at a Texas regional, and an entire mob did the dance, It hit me that FIRST needed some sort of official dance crew. This could quite possibly be the first step to that.

Awesome! Now I want to see a dance off between you guys and 254 doing the ejshuffle.

Yeah That is kinda my idea…just one of many dances we all know…but this one created specifically for and by FIRST Community. And if you read more, check out the Facebook group and try the dance …You may find features like the fact you can interpret a few of the moves to suit your own individual style. And I do plan each year to tweak the Drivers/Bots section to reflect that year’s game element. Should be a fun work in progress. Thanks for the thoughts, Brogan from Seattle

Here we are doing the PUSH move…and then the JUMP & YELL finish.

Even though most Teams who have learned and done the dance are on the West Coast …I know several from “back East” have expressed an interest…hmm it might be fun to see who can have the largest group doing the dance at one time? could be sorta a challenge? I could create another award…[FONT=“Times New Roman”][/FONT]

I have been returning some Rescued Flags and suggesting for a thank you gesture that Teams learn and Do the Dance.
Quite a few have promised to do so, even say they will send a video of the Team going through the Dance. A Canada team, a Florida team, I think even the one in Israel …I will keep you posted.

I will get good laughs out of SWAMP doing the dance. Those kids are my down south (by 20 minutes) family and they’re a great bunch of people. (Who we be- SWAMP THING!)

Here are a few shots of our group taking the stage at Robo Prom at St. Louis Championship.
It was a fun impromptu ‘mini-Reveal’ of the new dance.

Pics show small group on back stage and then I take to the front speaker.
Had to watch it with the TWIST move there.…I am glad we created most of the moves with little foot travel…….(you can do while sitting in audience…BUT best to stand/jump/yell)
When up there if was fun to see so many foollowing along.
Of course you can see me checking back with Dance Coach Antonio R. Thanks to SOTA and Lions Team members and others who have been helping with this project.
Hope to See you on a Dance Field soon. Brogan, Dance Captain