PNW: LF Passover Seder

Hi CD,
My team qualified for the PNW District event in Spokane through winning Chairman’s in Oregon City a few weeks ago. Now, with week 3 event scores rolling in and less than a month until the event, I figured teams would have a somewhat decent idea of whether they will be attending.
My friend Iris and I are Jewish, and Pesach is starting on the 3rd (Friday). The first night is often the time to get together with family and commemorate the Jewish people’s escape from Egypt with certain symbolic foods. Since we will be attending the event, we won’t be able to celebrate with our families.
Are there any Jewish families near Spokane that would be willing to welcome us at your home for the first night of Passover? We are reform Jews, so it doesn’t have to be anything formal. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

  • Anna Dodson, Team 1540