PNW Noodle Death Count

No totes or bins were harmed in the making of this week :yikes:

That’s not too bad, actually. I was expecting tons of crushed noodles.

Watching some of the Oregon City matches on the PNW FIRST Robotics Youtube page, I did notice significantly less noodle throwing than at Auburn Mountainview, and these numbers seem to support that. I get the feeling as the season goes on we’ll see higher and higher noodle fatalities at events.

We may have been responsible for a couple of those:D

I think these numbers might say something about the cultural differences between the states of Washington and Oregon.
Anyone want to throw out some stereotypes by way of explanation?

The violence against these defenseless noodles needs to stop. Time for a custom team pin…

Washington does business, we do everything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Jab aside, Auburn had a lot of very good teams attending who likely understood the value of noodle throwing and had practiced it (this is the key). Once other teams saw the value, everyone started doing it at Auburn. The top teams at Oregon City didn’t really throw noodles, and I think that is why we didn’t see much noodle throwing at that event. Expect that to change when Wilsonville rolls around next week.

I find it ironic how the game “Recycle Rush” can create so much waste.

It’s supposed to be RECYCLED:

Ah, I see. I support recycling glass and metal, but from the informal research I’ve done and the discussions with my cousin who is a former productions manager at Crystal Geyser, the process of recycling plastics can be fairly atrocious to people and the environment. But this is not the point of this thread, so I won’t discuss the topic of the ecological harms of plastic in general any further. I’m for biodegradable plastics, though.

Death to the NODDLES!

Not nearly as bad as I though it would be.

What would be really bad is when noodles would be blocking the path to the coopertition stacking… Kinda defeats the purpose, but it happened on multiple occasions.

This is part of the reason why I am a fan or repurposing plastic waste :smiley: .



seems pretty high actually. IIRC, at the Indy District, we killed 12 and we had about 80 matches as well (a handful of practice, 68 quals, and elims of course). Or maybe we got lucky. Next week we’ll see in Kokomo I guess.

still, one of the easiest ways to gain points in this game is to litter as much as you can on your opponent’s side. this is like throwing trash into your neighbors yard for fun

Recycle Rush is a different game, compared to what we FRC competitors have been used to for several years. It is not possible for a team to improve its seed by playing defense. However, it is ironic that in a game with a “green” theme (recycling), littering the opposing alliance’s side of the field is a very effective tactic for improving a team’s seed.

People did manage to find good use for the murdered pool noodles.

These noodles are being oppressed by the toteriarchy… :smiley:

I have a feeling we will start seeing agreements made between alliances to not throw noodles until co-op is finished. The noodles can be worth valuable points, but unless your human player is consistently landing them on the opposite side of the field, co-op is more valuable.

After the events, who is responsible for all the recycling of the noodles? Are they sent back to HQ?