PNW Predictions - Pre-Season

PNW Predictions- Pre-season

What to watch out for

Welcome to the 2020 PNW prediction thread! PNW predictions is your one stop shop for all things PNW competition. In addition to a pre-season “What to watch out for,” and a worlds summary, we will be making weekly threads breaking down every PNW comp into easily digestible predictions. Each comp will get their top 8 teams ranked, as well as our winner predictions.

Your predictors are going to be @MikLast and @EricKline, both current Alumni-Mentors of PNW teams.

Miklast Bio

@Miklast Is a former drive coach and Chief Administrative Officer of FRC 4513, The Circuit Breakers, from Medical Lake, WA. He has been involved in FIRST for 9 years and is a current Computer Science student at Eastern Washington University. Currently, he is mentoring for the Circuit Breakers on strategy and scouting, and volunteers at FLL and FRC events across Eastern Washington.

EricKline Bio

@EricKline is a former Team Captain, Business Lead, and Scouting Lead of FRC 2412, The Robototes, out of Bellevue, WA. He has been involved in FIRST for 6 years, and is a current Supply Chain Management student at the Honors College at Boise State. He is now mentoring for the Robototes, and continues to be heavily involved in the FIRST community by running the FIRST Alumni Association at Boise State.

Post week 1, scouting data from both 2412 and 4513 will be used at relevant events to help enhance our predictions. If YOUR PNW TEAM has comp data, and you want to contribute to our predictions, please send your data to either Eric or MikLast.

After you’ve read our predictions, throw yours bellow! Let’s start a friendly conversation and see who can predict the best.

Top events to watch this season!

1: Bellingham (Week 4)
2: Glacier Peak (Week 1)
3: Wilsonville (Week 3)

The newest event in the PNW, the Bellingham district event, has successfully taken the title of most competitive PNW event from the typical power house Glacier Peak. Featuring 5 of our 8 top PNW teams, plus many other notable teams, this is sure to be an absolute brawl.

Top 8 Teams Heading Into the Season!

1: 2046
2: 2910
3: 4911
4: 4488
5: 2471
6: 3663
7: 1983
8: 1540

The traditional PNW powerhouses are no different moving into the first week of 2020. 2046 and 2910, reigning district champs, are taking top honors this year for their continued, year after year dominance. 4911 is bringing up the bronze this year for their undeniable reliability in building some of the worlds best robots.

Top Teams to Watch Out for This Year:

1: 2930
2: 6443
3: 3674
4: 2928
5: 5803
6: 1318
7: 2976
8: 948

We have some interesting teams to look out for this season, including a reigning world finalist, rising stars, and PNW powerhouses looking to prove themselves. While they were Jack’s right hand man most of the season last year, 2930 is shaping up to be a real contender even without being in their shadow. 6443 down south had a breakout season with their defense, and are looking to duplicate their success, this time with more offensive power. Last but not least is 3674, who gets largely overlooked within the district but captained an alliance to Newton Finals two years ago, and made a 2nd division finals appearance this year, for the second year in a row. Its only a matter of “when” they will finally find success in the district.

Got questions/comments? Drop them bellow!


Great overview! Isn’t Wilsonville a week 3 event?

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Not sure how we missed that. Thanks!

We actually weren’t captain at world’s last year. We were captains for the rest of our competitions though.


You captained in '18, my bad. I think the points still stand though. :wink:


Definitely don’t want to overlook 2990. They had a great season last year and a great robot. From what I saw of the Week 0 footage, I think they’re a contender.


Also, I notice that 1425 Error Code Xero was excluded from this list. They are definitely one of the top teams in the PNW to watch out for.


@MikLast Will you also be sharing data involving the Zebra sensors as well after week 1?

Sorry no one got back to you in this. Zebra data will be used post week 1 to help refine our predictions, we may also be providing light color commentary on our top teams with the help of Zebra sensors.

Hope that helps.

Additionally, all the match data will be posted to the Blue Alliance after each match ends. They have some really nice visualization tools there for you to do match replays, heat maps, and trajectories.


Thanks for the update! I’ll look out for the match data on TBA

Bellingham is going to be loaded. Many of the teams there will compete well at Worlds. We’re just missing the top Oregon teams there.


I would argue Bellingham, in many ways, is going to be more competitive then DCMP

It will definitely be fun to watch.


Really excited to be hosting many powerhouses at Bellingham this year! We think teams will enjoy the venue too (Though almost anything would beat the wooden bleachers at MV). :slight_smile:


You mean you didn’t like burning up from the rampant heater while scouting?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I predict we’ll play far less defense. You’re all welcome.


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