PNW Predictions - Week 1

PNW Predictions- Week One

Battle of the Power

We’ve got two really strong events up first in the PNW, including the infamous Glacier Peak event. Will week 1 teams live be able to give the show that we have grown the expect year after year? Well, knowing the PNW, definitely.

For Newcomers

Welcome to the 2020 PNW prediction thread! PNW predictions is your one stop shop for all things PNW competition. In addition to a pre-season “What to watch out for,” and a worlds summary, we will be making weekly threads breaking down every PNW comp into easily digestible predictions. Each comp will get their top 8 teams ranked, as well as our winner predictions.

Your predictors are going to be @MikLast and @EricKline, both current Alumni-Mentors of PNW teams.

Miklast Bio

@Miklast Is a former drive coach and Chief Administrative Officer of FRC 4513, The Circuit Breakers, from Medical Lake, WA. He has been involved in FIRST for 9 years and is a current Computer Science student at Eastern Washington University. Currently, he is mentoring for the Circuit Breakers on strategy and scouting, and volunteers at FLL and FRC events across Eastern Washington.

EricKline Bio

@EricKline is a former Team Captain, Business Lead, and Scouting Lead of FRC 2412, The Robototes, out of Bellevue, WA. He has been involved in FIRST for 6 years, and is a current Supply Chain Management student at the Honors College at Boise State. He is now mentoring for the Robototes, and continues to be heavily involved in the FIRST community by running the FIRST Alumni Association at Boise State.

Post week 1, scouting data from both 2412 and 4513 will be used at relevant events to help enhance our predictions. If YOUR PNW TEAM has comp data, and you want to contribute to our predictions, please send your data to either Eric or MikLast.


After you’ve read our predictions, throw yours bellow! Let’s start a friendly conversation and see who can predict the best.

Clackamas Academy

  1. 2471
  2. 4488
  3. 1540
  4. 1425
  5. 3674
  6. 2990
  7. 2898
  8. 5803

Top Teams:
As usual, WA Powerhouse 2471 takes the #1 slot on our list. While their 2019 showing wasn’t the best, their refinements on their swerve module and 10 cell auto have them looking lean, mean , and ready to gleam a new banner for their collection. Hot on their heels are 4488 and 1540, looking to also redeem their 2019 Clackams showings with much better results.

Dark Horses:
We discussed 3674 in our pre-season thread, and their sneak reveal in 2471’s reveal video with their own 8 cell auto only reinforces our predictions, perhaps they are primed for a playoff run together. Already they look to be prime to snag a 2nd Clackams banner away themselves if the cards fall into their lap. On the other hand, 5803 is not one to be considered a “dark horse,” but with their loss of some key mentors and their decision to go to a swerve drive, its hard to accurately tell how they will do this season.

Glacier Peak

  1. 2910
  2. 4911
  3. 2930
  4. 2928
  5. 2522
  6. 1318
  7. 4512
  8. 492

Top Teams:
Glacier Peak is jam packed with great teams from the Seattle area, and recent PNW superstars 2910 and 4911 are looking to keep hold on their success, starting their tour together throughout the region with this weekends events. Beyond the 1-2 seeds, you are left with 10 teams who are all very evenly matched, whom we had a very heard time ranking, but 2930 is taking our third spot. Coming off a red hot 2019 season, 2930 will be looking to replicate their success, this time as an alliance captain.

Dark Horses:
Most who’ve had the opportunity to attend Glacier Peak would agree that it is one of the most unpredictable events in the PNW, and the 3-12 seed’s will be hotly contested. 2928, world champions from 2017, will be coming in with a number of recent season’s of success. Finalists at GP last season, we’ll be looking to see another strong run from them. Mecanum drive base experts, 492 has been on the up and up for the past few years, and will be looking to take advantage of the potentially ill-prepared field at GP, given it is a week one event.


Thanks for the predictions. It should be a fun weekend in the Northwest!

As with most predictions, I think you are underestimating the Cloverbots. They are not a team that necessarily needs the cards to fall in their lap. Last year they were ranked 13th after quals and went unpicked in the first round, but they captained the 7 alliance to victory through pure strategy and driving skill.

I also think you put the Flaming Chickens and Hotwire too low, since there is evidence that they have been tuning and practicing with their robots for at least two weeks.


I imagine that the reason 2412 and 4513 are not included in this list is to avoid the appearance of bias given the team affiliations of the predictors, but these two teams were respectively the 7th and 10th overall picks in their divisions at Worlds last year. They’ll definitely be contenders at Glacier Peak along with the 8 in the list.


This is a testament to how deep GP is this year, but another notable omission is 2976 - the Spartabots have been a very competent team in the past couple years.


2976 was one of the ones we discussed at length. Personally, I found their performance to be a bit all over the place, which made me hesitant to add them, but it would not surprise me to see them up there butting one of our picks out.


GP is so deep.

Teams I considered ranking top 8 that didn’t make it:

And each of those teams have just about as good of a chance of being top 4 as the teams that we actually ranked top 8 do imo

Mark my words, this will not be a clean playoff bracket. If I were the 1 seed allance, I’d be nervous.


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