PNW Regionals

Congratulations to the winning teams of this year’s PNW regional! It was a great competition, and a well deserved win! :smiley:

On a side note, our team came in dead last, but we still cheered… why?.. SImply because we’re weird like that, and we were still having an awesome time.

I’d also like to comment Cheesey Poofs on their robot. It was an excellent design, and well, it kicked but!

To all of the other PNW participants, what are your thoughts on this year’s regional?

It was an awesome year, our school had done its best in 4 years!

We recieved our first award and also first time we got to the semi-finals

Yay for awards! We didn’t get any, but we had fun randomly throwing leis at people ^^;;

Over all, this was one of my better years at the regionals. Congrats on making the semis!

edit to origional post I would like to compliment not comment XD