PNW Stats 2015 @ CMP

33 PNW Teams @ CMP 2015

Team	State
360	 WA
492	 WA
948	 WA
955	 OR
1318	 WA
1425	 OR
1510	 OR
1540	 OR
1595	 WA
1983	 WA
2046	 WA
2471	 WA
2521	 OR
2522	 WA
2557	 WA
2605	 WA
2635	 OR
2907	 WA
2930	 WA
2990	 OR
3238	 WA
3574	 WA
3663	 WA
3674	 WA
3787	 WA
4061	 WA
4450	 WA
4488	 OR
4911	 WA
4915	 WA
4918	 WA
4980	 WA
5495	 WA


This year we sent 33 teams, compared to last year’s 24.

This year 19/33 teams (~58%) made elims, compared to last year where 10/24 made elims (~42%).

Last year: We had 2 Quarter-Finalists, 5 Semi-Finalists and 3 Finalists
This year: We had 9 Quarter-Finalists, 5 Semi-Finalists, 4 Finalists, and 1 Division Winner (492 on Galileo)

4 Teams won awards (compared to 3 last year):

1983 Industrial Design Award sponsored by GM
2930 Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
2980 Dean’s List Recipient
3574 Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler

Last year, The PNW had an average seed placement, of ~41/100 per division. This year it was ~37/76.

Year 2 of districts has showed us more improvement in team competitiveness. 492 may have brought us one step closer to Einstein, but we’ve yet touch the carpet. We’ll get there next year. :wink:

Awesome stats. Thanks for putting that together. Go PNW! :smiley:

Thanks for the hard numbers, I knew overall that PNW teams had a better showing at Championships but volunteering at the event kept me from being able to follow as close as I would have liked to.

It is important to point out that participating in a District System played a part in the improved performance of the teams. Before they made it to CMP every team had played in 36 qualification matches and and average of somewhere around 8-12 playoff matches with some playing even more.

Having a practice robot and using it certainly is an advantage but I feel that the additional actual matches is even more of an advantage. I’d say that many teams had played with somewhere near 50 other teams so in addition to the sheer playing time they had more experience adapting their play to suit their alliance partners abilities.

While CMP certainly shows that it is also important to note that many of the teams that didn’t make it to CMP or even DCMP report increased performance, student learning/understanding and general satisfaction thanks to being part of a District System.

More Stats…

Last year teams from Districts made up:

  • 27% of the teams at Championships
  • 42% of the teams in eliminations
  • 38% of teams on Einstein

This year teams from Districts* made up:

  • 37% of the teams at Championships
  • 47% of the teams in eliminations**
  • 16% of teams on Einstein**

*Note: Indiana was added this year (which indicates a small inflation in district representation)
**Note: Eliminations expanded to 256 teams, Einstein expanded to 32 teams

I know that CPR’s alliance also included Bear Metal, and made it to finals on Curie, and that Shockwave made it on Carson. Which other team made it to finals? Also, it should be mentioned that PNW had a Dean’s List winner.

I like the district model.
I love the PNW district.

I’ve found that a lot of people feel that way.

Thanks, as one of the numerous people who put a lot of effort into trying to make the events as good as they can be, we appreciate hearing that.