PNW Sundome

Man…what an event!
First of all we started off by setting a new world record of 174 yesterday (which was later toppled by Texas) which was one heck of a feat done by 2910, 2147, and 955. Today we’ve had a series of upsets happen- the 8th alliance of 492, 8532, and 4513 beat the number 1 alliance of 2910, 2147, and 4125. And then the number 5 alliance of 2811, 7461, and 4060 upset the number 4 alliance of 1595, 3711, and 4692. The most recent upset has been the number 7 alliance of 5468, 4980, and 3826 upset the number 2 alliance of 4131, 1318, and 3712. This has been insane! Very fun to watch!


If only we could get a stream with a static view…


The entire venue has been having internet issues the entire weekend- a shout-out to the Sundome A/V crew for trying to keep the stream running as best as they can!

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FIRSTWA_Red2 has a static stream


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Yeah, it has been epic! Our team ended in last place, but we had a great time. Although we couldn’t get our arm working, we have high hopes for the next comp. Also being able to see the level of sophistication of the teams here is truly amazing. I spent a while just checking out other robots with some of our rookies and getting them excited to learn more.

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Those elims where definately keeping me on my toes. Good luck to all there!

What an event for sure! it was great working with you guys and 8532. Definitely some luck involved in that first upset but it was really fun to see it all play out.


For sure, was definitely exciting to see us make it all the way to the finals!

How about that 3826. I think 3826 was the best defensive Juggernaut. 2910 was scary good.

It was awesome competition to watch.

Can’t wait to (hopefully) see yall at DCMP!

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