PNW - Team 2412 Needs a 14T or a 38t Gear

If any PNW teams have any spare 14T or 38T gears, Team 2412 (the Robototes) needs two of each (we ordered the wrong ones :cry:)

Please PM me or respond to this thread if you can get them to us. Thank you!


What dp/bore?

3/8" hex ID (20DP)

There is a good chance we have these gears. I’m assuming the 14T is a motor pinion. What motor are you using it on? Falcon or cim/NEO? Or maybe 3/8" hex?

It’s not a motor pinion - it’s a steel 3/8" hex bore gear (20 DP).

I don’t think there are any 14T, 20DP, 1/2" hex bore gears. The bore is to large for that amount of teeth.

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3/8", my bad.

That’s equivalent to the small cluster gear in a 12.75:1 toughbox series gearbox. (I have at least two, but I couldn’t get them to you any faster than AndyMark.)

Got it. The 38 tooth is still 1/2" hex though correct? We can check what he have in the shop tonight.

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Yes, the 38 tooth is 1/2" hex (I double checked this time :wink:)

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I’ll check, but I’d also reach out to NRG 948 – they have some spare toughbox minis, which should have the 14t ones

Okay, I know we have some of those around. I’ll have to have a look when I get to the school. I’m just hearing about this, but I’m the one who checked the order so I feel like this is probably somewhat my fault.

Thank you everyone for looking! We got a couple from 1899. Thanks!


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