PNW Teams Attending Champs - Pros, Cons, and Possible Picks

First off, I wanna clarify that the majority of this is based on my own data + my team’s pre-scout data from before DCMP. This includes the possible picks list towards the bottom. If you see anything that you want to add/change, shoot me a message here or on Discord at Ether#3090. Again, my own data.

There’s also a little bit of humor in here because I had a bit of an audience when I was writing it.

Note: This is the list @MikLast was talking about. Second, if I don’t have any data, either they did not attend DCMP or my data just sucks. Probably the latter.


568 Nerds of the North:

948 NRG: Solid defense. Reaches L2 of rocket. More than enough pushing power. Can score both game pieces. L2 climb.

1318 IRS: Has a L2 and L3 climb (Step climber). Solid team, solid robot.

1425 Error Code Xero: Has L3 climb (fairly quick). Mounted turret allows variety of placement under defense. Can score on all 3 levels. While this team can score well, they’re even better at defense. Nearly unpushable.

1540 Flaming Chickens: Has an almost guaranteed L3 climb. Ground cargo pickup. Consistent machine.

1899 Saints Robotics: Really good at defense, especially maneuvering around teams due to swerve. Fairly robust despite being partially made of wood. L2 climb. Strong on cargo if needed.

1983 Skunk Works Robotics: Fast, strong, the typical 1983 robot. We don’t talk about 2017. L2/L3 climb, pretty darn fast. Can play both game pieces. (1684 intake :p). Ground pickup.

2046 Bear Metal: Fast and strong robot, not easily pushed around. L3 climb + double climb possible. 2-3 sec climb.

2412 Robototes: Cargo ground pickup. Good amount of cycles. Good auto- reaches 3rd level rocket. Has L3 climb but prefers CBY to L2.

2471 Team Mean Machine: Two hatch auto on the top rocket (it works). Swervy-boi. Versatile.

2557 SOTAbots: Swervy-boi pt 2. Ground cargo pickup. Solid cycler. Has a L3 climb.

2733 Pigmice: L2/L3 climb. Skinny robot = more space on L3 and easier time scoring. Very capable at scoring. Should be able to solo rockets at worlds assuming they’ll go undefended.

2811 StormBots: Has L3 climb. Not much else on pre-scouting data, sorry :frowning:

2898 Flying Hedgehogs: First of all, sick mascot bro. Can reach all levels of rocket.

2907 Lion Robotics: Can play w/ both game pieces.

2910 Jack in the Bot: Can do almost everything except for score high. Definitely a PNW favorite. Extremely fast L3 climb. Can double climb with most robots due to kickstand.

2928 Viking Robotics: Good at both offense and defense. Hits very hard. Fastest drivetrain I’ve seen: 22 fps. Reliable CBY.

2930 Sonic Squirrels: Has L2/L3 climb. Can play defense. Ground pickup for cargo.

2976 Spartabots: Insane robot. Possibly Einstein level, trust me. Can solo a rocket by themselves. Really good driver. She’s only a sophomore, so watch out for her in a few years.

2990 Hotwire: Fast. Capable of ground pickup. L2/L3 climb. 5 sec climb (quick). Veteran drive team.

3024 My Favorite Team: Swerve drive = maneuverability + speed. Decent scoring wise. L3 climb. Leaves good amount of room on L3 (double climb possible).

3663 CPR: One of the best swerve robots in PNW. Good driver w/ experience. Can place both game pieces. Has a pass-through for maximum efficiency. Has L3 climb.

3674 Cloverbots: Has cargo ground pickup. L3 climb.

4043 NerdHerd: Can cycle insanely well. Possibly rivals 2910 in cycles alone.

4089 STEALTH: No pre-scout data, sorry :frowning: Level 3 climb.

4125 Confidential: L2 climb. Can play defense/cycle.

4469 RAID: Succ climb, what more can I say? L3 climb at that. (i have nothing on cycles i’m sorry).

4488 Shockwave: Another turret robot- maximum placement whilst being pinned. Smooth and clean autonomous. L3 climb.

4513 Circuit Breakers: Capable of heavy defense. Averages 5-6 game pieces.

4911 CyberKnights: One of the only teams who can successfully defend against 2910. Drivebase is literally a tank. Can solo rockets. Don’t be surprised to see this robot on Einstein again. Can play w/ both game pieces.

5468 Chaos Theory: Hits extremely hard. Effective defense bot, but can score if needed. Good at hatches.

5803 Apex: Small chassis that can double climb with anyone. Consistent scorer. Fast, consistent auto. L3 climb.

6443 AEMBOT: Their innovative triple armadillo roll may leave enough room for a triple climb. Solid defense bot. Ground hatch pickup (very rare).

6831 A-05 Annex:

7461 Binary Circles: L2 climb. Fairly simple robot that does its job.

Cons + stats

568 Nerds of the North:

948 NRG: 6-7 cycles if needed (played defense at DCMP).

1318 IRS: Prefers hatch panels. Climber is fairly slow. Big robot (no double climb). 7+ cycles.

1425 Error Code Xero: 5-6 cycles. Prefers both game pieces. Usually gets cargo from loading station.

1540 Flaming Chickens: 8+ cycles. Semi-slow L3 climb (compared to others). Inconsistent on higher scoring levels.

1899 Saints Robotics: Not very capable scoring wise. Decent at cargo, working on hatches. Avg. 2-3 cycles + defense.

1983 Skunk Works Robotics: Prefers hatch panels but can do both.

2046 Bear Metal: Slightly tippy. Driver panics under defense. 9+ cycles (undefended). Prefers both game pieces equally.

2412 Robototes: CBY Climb, not sure if good or bad. Slow L3 climb.

2471 Team Mean Machine: Being made from mostly carbon fiber, this robot is very light. Also slightly tippy. Has tipped before, especially during climb attempts. 8+ cycles. Easily pushed due to swerve.

2557 SOTAbots: Prefers cargo to hatches. 5-6 cycles.

2733 Pigmice: 8-11 cycles usually.

2811 StormBots: Very slow drivetrain- might reduce cycle times.

2898 Flying Hedgehogs: Prefers hatch panels. Cargo from loading station only. 6-7 cycles.

2907 Lion Robotics: 3-4 cycles. No climb.

2910 Jack in the Bot: Only L1 scoring. Prefers hatch panels but can do both. 10+ cycles always. Have never seen them play defense.

2928 Viking Robotics: No L3 climb. 7+ cycles. CBY’s often.

2930 Sonic Squirrels: Low bot only, L1 scoring at most. Prefers cargo. 8+ cycles easily. Lowkey 2910 but w/o swerve.

2976 Spartabots: Having no climb is possibly the only crutch this team has. If you’re reading this, I would recommend two 8-in back pistons if you have weight. CBY and then use the pistons for support. Just a thought. (Guys, they’re only like 3 lbs each, + wiring).

2990 Hotwire: Low robot, L1 game pieces only. 8+ cycles easily. Prefers both game pieces. Drive team can falter under defense (practice should help).

3024 My Favorite Team: Chairman’s team. 0-2 cycles. Prefers hatch panels.

3663 CPR: Very sketchy L3 climb, but they always pull it off somehow. Prefers cargo but can do both. 8+ cycles.

3674 Cloverbots: Cannot play defense very well. Prefers cargo. Decent amount of cycles.

4043 NerdHerd: Cannot climb nor can they play defense. Makes up for it though.

4089 STEALTH: No pre-scout data either :frowning: Sketchy L3 climb. Cargo only.

4125 Confidential: Prefers hatch panels. Averages 3-4 cycles.

4469 RAID: Prefers cargo but can do both. 6-7 cycles. Has L3 climb, however they do not leave room for a double climb.

4488 Shockwave: Bad defense, can only reach L1 scoring. Prefers both game pieces.

4513 Circuit Breakers: No L3 climb, Averages 5-6 cycles.

4911 CyberKnights: No L3 climb, L2 CBY.

5468 Chaos Theory: Very close to being tippy (potential). Prefers hatches. No climb.

5803 Apex: Bad defense. Can play w/ both game pieces.

6443 AEMBOT: Can only do hatches, no cargo. Low bot, L1 scoring only. Average anywhere from 4-7 cycles.

6831 A-05 Annex:

7461 Binary Circles: Drivetrain was a little slow. Averaged 3-4 cycles. Prefers cargo over hatches. Can’t play defense in danger of arm breaking.

Feedback: Have your drive team speak up/communicate more during strategy meetings. It’s good to listen, but don’t let the other two teams tell you what to do. (unless it’s a good plan).

The possible-picks-according-to-me chart

Note: The (#) is a potential other position that they could be at. Ex: 1983 could be a captain, but they could also be a first pick.


2046, 2910, 1983 (1)

1st picks:

1425, 1540, 2471 (2), 2928, 2930 (2), 3663 (2), 4043 (2), 4911 (cpt), 5803

2nd picks:

1318 (1), 1899, 2412, 2557, 2898, 2930, 2976 (1), 2990 (1), 3674, 4469, 4488, 5468, 6443

3rd picks:

568, 948 (2), 2733, 2811, 2907, 3024, 4089, 4125, 4513 (2), 6831, 7461


2733 was having issues at the beginning of DCMP, but we got them worked out by the end. In our last two matches, we scored 11 gamepieces + climb. In the match before that we did ~8. In the last match (Q120) we scored all but one cargo on the rocket, which 2046 scored. I expect that we’ll be able to solo rockets at worlds.


2714 isn’t PNW?

No way BBQ would be that good up here.

Mind explaining this PNW joke?

A member of 2714 is in the pnw discord server and is fairly active, probably why they got added.


??? 948 scores both cargo and hatches – in fact, it frequently scores a hatch and then retrieves a 2nd hatch autonomously. (Hasn’t quite managed to score the second one before sandstorm runs out, but has come close!) And it has a level 2 climb (added after first district event).


It was a joke because one of my good friends is on 2714 and we do this stuff a lot. I’ll remove it though since people would want accurate data.

I will change that, thank you!

4488 Shockwave: Bad defense

What does this even mean, we haven’t been on the other side of the field unless pushed over there.

2046 Bear Metal: Slightly tippy. Driver panics under defense

No they don’t, 2046 is easily the least defendable robot in all of PNW, they only get an average of 9 cycles because they had defense in most of their matches for almost 75% of each match and still managed some of the best cycles.

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The defense on us has been pretty brutal, but it’s definitely helped our drivers gain valuable experience. We can usually get a good 8-9 cycles under defense (12+ without). I would say 2910 is perhaps the least defendable robot in the PNW though. Their speedy and evasive swerve seems to make both man to man and zone defense pretty ineffective.

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From watching at DCMP, they still panic, but they’ve gotten better. Maybe they got a confidence boost after the AMV mishap…

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Take it as more of a- having your driver practice scoring under defense would make them even better.

Damn looks like you beat me too it! Ill still be posting mine later today, so look forward to that! .

Feel free to give feedback on mine too! I wanna compare data.

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Just a few things about 7461:
Our driver had limited speed for controllability at glacier peak, we’re not actually that slow. We have also rebuilt our arm with defense in mind and should be able to demonstrate that at champs.

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So, in general, I don’t think it’s a great idea to share this sort of information on a community forum. If I were on a struggling team and saw “bad at defense”, or “drivers are bad under pressure” how would that make me feel? If I were that driver that’s “bad under pressure” and I’m reading this thread how would that make me feel?

As somebody who posts a lot of things that I later regret, I would generally recommend avoiding posting negative things about other teams, even if they’re true. Your analysis certainly contains a lot of valuable information and is valuable for the community. If it were me, I would filter out the negative, subjective comments and just post data on teams that you don’t have positive comments for.


If anyone is interested in seeing my take check it out here: Top 26 Teams From The PNW Attending Champs - PNW is the Best


Still upset my favorite PNW Team isn’t going to Worlds :(. Love ya Danny

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