PNW Week 3: Crowded Scales

As week 3 lumbers through, many teams will travel this weekend in a double header starting in… Yakema? Yakama?Yakima? While we guess, 31 teams will soon find out as they travel to Central WA to take part in the inaugural Sundome event. With over half the field starting their back to back weekends, the other half has an event in the books, and are looking to secure their spot early for DCMP. While the favorites 1318 and 2811 both had strong showings at their first event, losing in the semis and finals respectively, more than a few teams will be looking to make their mark. 4061 and 5920 are both looking to continue their success as a dominant force in Eastern Washington, both of them being vault/switch bots that will be a solid pick for any alliance. 4980 are looking to redeem themselves after a weak 2017 run, hoping to come back strong and make it all the way.

In the west, Auburn is about to smash the arcade with one of the must see events of the weekend.2046 and 5803, who both played off in the finals of Clackamas just two weeks earlier, are looking to rematch, but theyre not the only ones looking for blood. 1778 almost tasted gold at every event they went to last year, and theyre hungrier than ever to bring it home. 2605 had one of the best ramps in PNW, but couldn’t make it work in the playoffs in Mount Vernon. They will be looking to prove that they can make them work, and effectively. This will be the first time we see many teams play too. 1983 Kicks off their 3 (maybe 4) week tour of events, hoping to come back from one of their worst seasons to date, and will be looking to reclaim their glory as the top PNW Team. Hot on their heels will be 2557, who have been gobbling up Chairmans in any way they can, 2928, Winners of Houston CMP, and 3574, known for their over the top robot bling.

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