PNW Week 4: Entering the grind

This weekend is like most during the Spring in the PNW; cold, wet, and full of robot action. Both in Spokane and Snohomish, load in will be cold and wet, but the action inside a different story. All but 4 teams have played one event this season, and many of them are hoping to use this weekend to punch their ticket into the District Championship that looms ahead of 64 lucky teams this April.

Starting off the weekend, 28 teams will come out to Spokane to play at the West Valley District Event. One of the smallest events in FIRST, and the smallest in PNW, its not exactly a standout event, but that doesnt stop it from being intense for the teams competing. 2147 is having a great season already, being the first pick of the winning alliance at Mount Vernon, and with their fast elevator and quick placement its no supurise. Being knocked out in the QF’s last year, theyre hoping to bring another banner home this year, but they have some stiff competition. 4513 went, saw, and dominated Clackamas (or Clackams if youre the banner.) They were close to winning WV Last year, but 5920 beat them out in the finals, and are hoping to go back to back this year with their switchbot. 5803 is coming out for their 3rd event of the season, and along with 2990 will be the only shooters at the event. Both finalists at their first event this season, they will be looking to rival the arms and elevators the rest of the teams have with their superior speed, but they might not be albe to handle the scale after a couple cubes have been placed. If youre looking for an underdog to root for, look no farther than 4980. With their quick cascading elevator, they will be a team to watch heading into the elimanations.

Out west, a storm is brewing. 36 teams will be going out to Snohomish to compete at the Glacier Peak District Event. Within them, many of the PNW Powerhouses have came to battle it out in what might be one of the toughest events of the district. Within your elevators you have teams like 1983, winners of Auburn, 2910, one of the slickest swerve bots to grace PNW and winners of Mount Vernon, and 3663, QF’s at Mount Vernon. While they may be fast with only one axis of movement, 2930 is hoping to beat them out with their surprisingly quick arm. New to the field will be 492, bringing in another mecanum bot after being finalists on Galileo, and 4918, who will be looking to quickly score with their elevator. Breaking all the rules, 4915, with their scissor lift, will be making their 2nd appearance at GP. Finalists at Mount Vernon, their surprisingly robust lift has been one of the best in FRC history and will hopefully be seen in Houston.