PocketPC 2002 Program Loader

I personally own an iPAQ 3650, and a few other team members have pocketPC devices. I was curious if anyone out there knows of some software that I can load already-compiled programs onto the Robot Controller over the serial port. It would be nice this year to be able to hold a small computer in your hand and load a pre-compiled program to the robot on the game floor.

Ideally, I’d have a full IDE in the palm of my hand, but I think that’s probably asking a bit much.

Also, I have both Linux and PocketPC 2002 running on my iPAQ, so solutions for either OS would be nice.

Jeff McCune

For linux, you can use RoboIDE, which is available at my website, http://www.robbayer.com/software.html. I haven’t tested it on a PocketPC, but it works on my desktop running Red Hat 7.2.

Cool, I’ll try to cross-compile it for the ARM cpu. Thanks. I’ll let you know how I fare.

do they have GTK+ bindings for pocketPC?


Don’t think so yet, but I’ve got Linux running on my iPAQ, and they have GTK running on it.