PoE with the OM5P-AC

Has anybody found a legal solution to this that works on the new radio? We had some issues with barrel jacks losing connection and causing the radio to reboot last year in comp; are continuing to have them this year, and thought that this could be a way to fix them.

Not POE but should help you out:


You can also zip tie the connector down then duct tape over the zip ties if it’s bent at 90 degrees.

I’ve been running a new radio on POE without any trouble.
Just taking 12v from the VRM and Ethernet from the roboRIO.

Mark - did you find a connector or cable that makes this easier? It’s a pain to build your own, or open up a cable to connect into it…

This is the setup I’m using (just with the new radio instead of the older one in the photo.


I agree with Mark.

You will have to make a custom Ethernet cable or pigtail cable. Pins 4&5 from the radio should be connected to 12V/2A on the VRM and pins 7&8 from the radio should be connected to ground on the VRM. The others should be connected to the RoboRIO.

Here is the Q&A saying it is legal:

I’ll post a diagram when I can.

I thought POE was standardized at 48V.

PoE 802.3af is a 48V standard, which is in the other radio Ethernet port. But 48V is not allowed on FRC bots.

The OpenMesh radios can also be run at 12V through the other port. People debate whether this is really PoE, but we are powering the radio over an Ethernet cable, so decide for yourself what to call this.

I’d say that duct-taping the barrel jack on is a lot easier than messing with an Ethernet cable (and probably causing some issues with data rates by doing so).

What evidence do you have that using 12 volt power through an ethernet cable will cause issues with the data transferance?

Excellent. That’s just the type of thing I’ve been looking for, but could never seem to get the right search terms to come up. Thanks for the link!