Point cutoff for New England district championship

I heard rumblings yesterday at hartford that 236 might be declining DCMP, so that would be two teams insofar.

Has anybody heard how many teams have declined so far - since the rankings board doesn’t seem to be updated yet?


in the same boat… someone early on this post said last year 10 teams declined… so far this year only seems like 1

Are we just early? this is the first time I have payed attention to declines

I have heard the same from one of their mentors.

Yeah… playing the waiting game… I would be shocked if 63/64 teams that qualified chose to go

Do you think the problem may be that the teams who earn a place at outside regionals are not eligible to use them this year? Consequently they still need to attend the District Event. Plus there are only 2 teams who are prequalified for St Louis in the top 64, maybe there were more in previous years. Does anyone know if 4909 have been invited yet?

We have been told that we are the first team on the waiting list. I’m assuming that this means that 190 has declined, but no one else yet. If/when we get invited, I will post it here.

Update: We just got word that we are officially in! We are very excited to be a part of what will be a great event! :smiley:

Congratulations! Have fun.

Thank goodness. I didn’t want to be wrong in my encouragement!

Back down to 63 teams registered, so we might be seeing another team pulled off the waitlist.

Does anyone know if any more teams have declined?
Looks like 190, 236 definitely, additionally I can’t see 1735 on the list of registered teams.

Congrats! We got word yesterday that we are first on the waiting list now. Hope to see you there!

My turn to update: 999 got the official invite! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!


Congrats! See you guys there!