Point, polygons, texture maps - lend me your pixels!

Actually, I’d rather have all the guys BEHIND the points, polygons, and texture maps. Is anyone interested in meeting up to discuss animation at nationals? I figured before the first Autodesk class we could all meet on Thursday about 2pm to discuss our current animations and thoughts and ideas for the future of FIRSTanimators. Since it’s just the practice rounds, I’m sure your teams wont be missing you much.

So what do y’all think? Thursday, 2pm, in front of the Media tent. The FIRSTanimators Gathering. Maybe we could get an extension chord and a tv with a video tape player so people who wanted to could come up and discuss how they did thier animation. Questions? Thoughts? Anyone want a mint?

-Robby O
FIRSTanimators Moderator
[email protected]

If you don’t have that mint at nationals I won’t be held responsible for my actions. But seriously that sounds like a good idea if there is indeed something to talk about. I know a couple of people from my team will be interested.

Hey i love the idea, only problem is my team will miss me greatly becuase i’m also one of the lead engineers and the main driver so i’ll have to do a few of those practice rounds, i will however try to free myself up and visit off and on…:smiley:

oh yhea it think it would be a tad easier if we actually had a laptop rather than a TV and Vcr, as i know the only format my teams animation is on a CD. plus it will allow for easier rewinds and other simpler things… also if we brought the actual max files to display what exactly was done to get the animation done… just a few ideas…

Media Tent Madness Part Trois!!!

Theres a chance that I’ll be there by 2…depends on whether we get lost or not…

…and yes, I know I’m not an animator, but I was waiting for a chance for the media tent to come up in conversation so I could cheer a little bit for one of FIRST’s best-kept secrets.

I’ll be working on Fri & Sat (3rd year in a row! Longer than even Laura London (who is very nice as to allow me to work the tent again)! :wink: ) , so please come & visit me…I’ll also probably have cookies there…depending on how many I decide to make.

Oh, and Robby…are you bringing the pogo stick?

-Jessica “Pogo Queen” B

Well, my team isn’t going to the nationals and I can’t afford to go out to Florida, but I’d really like to be there. Maybe we could set up a satellite internet connection and a webcam??? It doesn’t need to be a satellite connection I just figure it’d be difficult to get a decent connection through a phone line in the middle of a parking lot. If by some miracle one of you guys can do this, I’m sure I could set up a webcam up here in Toronto.

Good to hear there are interested parties out there. Yes I will be bringing a pogo stick. But as far as a video feed on the web… well, there is always SOAP. I could ask them if the would want to broadcast something. But this is really just a sense of us getting together to chat and meet one another face to face. About the best I could garauntee is that I could take notes, if anything of significant importance is discussed and I could digitize some video and put it up somewhere afterward.

I just have a sinking feeling there are gonna be 100+ people gathered in front of this tent now. Well, it will be cool none the less. I’ll see what I can do as far as a video display goes. I dont exactly have pull with first, but I know a few people I could ask. And perhaps we can vote in the 3 coolest animations we would like to hear discussed by the creators? Just some more feedback. See you all then…

-Robby O
FIRSTanimators Moderator
[email protected]

I know that asking for the webcam idea was really pushing it, but thanks for considering it. If someone is videotaping, and wouldn’t mind compiling some of the more interesting stuff, could the put it on the web or something? I’d really like to see what happened and to see some of you guys down there.