Points, points, points


As everyone has pretty much figured out by now, points in this game are very limited and every single point counts. Ranking points will be very important in this game, in addition to match points. I’ve seen two numbers in terms of max points, 151 being the max and 139 being actually viable. Anyone have any thoughts regarding points in general?


I like to remind myself that rank points only really matter in qualification matches. They don’t have the added value that was seen in 2016 or 2017. If you’re aiming to pick, focus on RP. If you’re aiming to win, focus on points.


154 is the max, not 151

154 is perfectly viable.


I would say, if you’re aiming to win, aim to pick.


All non-negative integer scores are theoretically possible except for one

Which score is it?

Read the above phrase again, but slowly


1 Point, since there is no scoring piece worth 1 point! Good thought!


Is 152 viable? Since you can’t have a non-scored hatch panel without a non-scored ball?
153 since there’s no piece worth 1 point, you can’t only miss 1 point?


I still don’t understand how 3 robots can get the 6-point auton bonus, unless two happen to have designed for it together in advance.

Can someone enlighten me?


Two robots, not built to the maximum frame perimeter. My estimate was two that are 24" or less in at least one dimension. Here’s what two 24x24" bots look like:


Since unlike Power Up there’s no real ‘either one team is scoring or the other’ and unlike Steamworks there aren’t effectively infinite points (fuel could cycle back and be scored again), I think there could be cases at the highest level where both teams can maximize their points. This is possibly where defense could play a role if it does at all, since otherwise these games would end in ties.


Yep, just get 14 tech fouls and 4 fouls, or 15 tech fouls and 1 foul


I guess designing a 19” wide or 19 "deep is a thing. Is the loss of space really worth 3 points?

Just doesn’t seem practical enough to warrant including it in a max score calculation.


As stated above, they could be small robots. Alternately, one could carry another. According to 5.3, the conditions for support at the beginning of the sandstorm for sandstorm bonuses are the same as getting the climb bonuses at the end. Granted that carrying at the start is more difficult, as each robot must be within its frame perimeter. As each robot may only support one game piece, this would cut the initial setup by one game piece.


I don’t think you need to get that small to be a viable dual L2 starter.


That is actually incorrect.

5.1.2 Robots
“Teams stage their ROBOT on their HAB PLATFORM such that it is fully and only supported by HAB PLATFORM Levels 1 or 2.”


It depends on whether support is transitive through a robot. If it is not (and perhaps the “only” means exactly that), then the paragraph above table 5-1 is misleading. I had read the “only” as that you could not be leaning against, for example, the alliance wall.


I would rather use the stricter rule interpretation until the Q&A tells us otherwise. As it is now, those two rules are blatantly contrary.


Pretty sure Q&A will come back with, at the start, during HAB, staging a robot will NOT be able to be supported by another robot.
5.1.2 says ONLY supported by the HAB platform for staging. Pretty clear.
5.3 says that a robot is considered to have “started from” a platform level if it is supported by the surfaces of the HAB at or above that level. Then it says or by another robot that has CLIMBED to that HAB level or higher. Since no robot has “climbed” during staging then that rule wouldn’t apply during the sandstorm staging period. This leaves you with the robot need to be supported only the the HAB surface.


152 yes, using a single null hatch panel would account for the 2 point difference
153 yes, 7 balls not scored, 2 tech fouls


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