Points, points, points


To be clear about this image, the volumes are two 24x24 robots plus the bumpers (lower box). The overall size ends up being ~30.5x30.5 for each.


Honestly, a low bot will achieve more points than a higher bot, due to the fact it’s faster and there are more opportunities at the bottom.


I think you’re assuming a high bot can’t score low, or can’t score low as fast as a low bot, which is unlikely to be the case… so overall the high bot has more opportunities to score than a low bot has.


For a given team (with a given set of capabilities), this is probably correct in most cases. [Example, 3946 intentionally chose height over speed during the season last year, but did much better with a post-season low-goal speed demon which filled the vault solo and did several more cubes in the switches in many matches; the mechanical dynamics will likely be similar this year.] However, teams with greater capability will be able to build high goal robots which score as fast or even faster than most low robots. [364 had a high goal robot last year, but they were probably as fast as 3946’s post-season robot at low goals when they decided that needed done, because they moved almost as fast and more efficiently.]

I do agree to the extent that there are only 16 scoring opportunities higher than the ones on the cargo ship, so I expect that even if tall robots remain in the second round of picking, there will be few elimination alliances for which all 3 robots got there for their high goal capability. There will likely be quite a few with only one good high goal scorer.