Points tracking?

I know this is probably a lot, but is there anything outthere that tracks specific robots points, whhether its assist points or shooting points per match. Maybe not just the match points in total? Or anything similar?


Every team that is scouting at the regional does this…but it’s a lot of work.

Ive done them for regionals we have been in but wasn’t sure if there was ones posted for others. thats all

Tracking actual points and fouls contributed by individual robots is the goal that scouts strive for – never realized, but always on their minds.

Calculating “probable” individual robot contributions using statistical methods (based on official scoring data) results in several metrics that many scouts find useful: CCWM, OPR, etc. Jim Zondag (among many others) has posted extensively on this topic. I think Ether has some useful results for the current season also. Searching their posts* will lead you in the right direction.

*and white papers in the CD Media section.

Our scouting system is capable of that. We use a web app that one of the mentors/former students codes up. We have 6 students and each one scouts a separate robot. They have multiple “tickers” that they can apply in different scenarios.

We were able to keep track of number of shots taken and successful shots. Successful passes to count for assist points. Truss shots. Successful low goal scores and more.

Unless I misunderstood the point you were raising.

You’re right, it is possible to construct a scouting system with the capabilities you described, and really good scouts can come close to perfect data. However, even the best scouts will sometimes disagree about exactly what happened – especially with assist (possession) scoring and fouls this year. And of course what the scouts see often differs from what the referees see, so in many cases good scouting data is more valuable (for selecting alliance partners) than official scoring results. Scouts also have the advantage that they can review video, while referees are not allowed to do that.

My only point is that perfection in scouting will always be a goal beyond our reach, and that is especially true this year.

On that, you and I are in perfect agreement. It is especially difficult to do this year due to the “teamwork” factor. You can’t scout or quantify intangibles.