polar array in 3ds

does anyone know how to polar array in 3DS?
whenever i try it comes out in a list, it is nothing like CAD.

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well doesn any body know about the polar array?
come on…

you know you wanna answer my question.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Polar arrays array themselves around the object’s pivot point, so you have to position the pivot of your object where you want your center to be (or be smart and put it in a dummy group and change the dummy group’s pivot so you can ungroup and get your origional pivot position back without manually fixing it.) The array dialogue has local and total X,Y,and Z rotation/transformation/scales. If you do an indivitual one, each clone as defined in the number of incriments box moves that far from the previous until your quota is reached, where if you set a total the array is spread evenly around. 1d is transformation on the local plane, 2d will move it in 2 planes, and 3d will move it in all three planes according to the incrimental offset. That help?

:smiley: thank you! :smiley: