pole flexing, buying parts

Could someone clarify the rules on flexing the poles on the goals.

Are we allowed to buy parts from other companies other than small parts inc. if so how much, if not where else could we get parts?

Do we have to have documentation about where we got our parts from or anything like that?

These answers would be greatly appreciated.

YES, you can buy parts from companies other than small parts, as long as they are on the additional hardware list.

Yes, you should have documentation on where everything on your robot came from in the rules (i.e., this part came from small parts; this part is covered under aluminum plate from the additional hardware list; this was in the kit).

As for flexing the PVC on the goals, what I understand is that you are allowed to as long as you don’t break them, and as long as when you are done flexing them, they return to their normal shape.