Police Buy Segways

The Norfolk, VA police department bought four Segways to use in junction with bike patrols, not replace them. The Segway is supposedly more “people friendly” than a bike officer. There was a nice story about it on the news but not so great a story on the WTKR website.

Don’t laugh at the picture of Bob Matthews - he doesn’t normally look that goofy. He actually learned how to drive the Segway in about 5 minutes and he was pretty good.

Thats so cool that the segway is getting so much good publicity! i hope that they can make it more affordable in the future

So did the police at BWI airport. They were showing off their Segway at the Baltimore tech expo yesterday. they were letting anyone ride them, that was the first time i have ever been on one, it was really cool it took a little time to get use to but it was fun. i think i am going to go buy one.

Ha, I can just imagine police chasing down perps on Segways.

“Stop!” whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

can’t wait to see the police on centaurs…