Polishing scuffed polycarbonate?

We have several large sheets of heavy polycarbonate that we use for driver station windows on the homemade field for our annual pre-season “Rochester Rally” event. Over the years, they have acquired numerous scuffs and scratches that we would like to clean up.

If you have experience polishing this stuff, could you give us some advice?

John “Bear” Hall
Mentor, FIRST Team 1511

You could try using a tiny bit of acetone to dissolve out the scuffs, but it might leave a bad finish. Other than that, try a bit of alcohol, and see if it dissolves enough of the junk.

Source: efforts to clean my watch from same scuffs and scratches.

NOVUS makes a 3 step polish for removing various scratches and it works very well on polycarbonate.

*I’ve never used this but it might be worth a try:

Do NOT use Novus 3 on polycarbonate.


Novus #2 will meet 99% of your needs. From experience.