Political Visitors

Two weeks ago(I think) Bill Clinton visited Columbus.(Indiana)
Last week(I think) Obama visited Columbus.
This week(I think) Hillary is visiting Columbus.

Is it just me or is this a bit unusual? Also, for those of you that don’t know about Columbus, Indiana. It is not a big city. It has a high engineer per capita. Well-known(supposedly) for it’s architecture. Why would they all choose our city? Not that I mind, I am just surprised.

And before anyone complains, this is not meant for political debate. Just asking for an answer to the above specific question.

For the upcoming Indiana primary in May?

You sure it wasn’t Ohio?

Politicians are like birds - I’ll let you draw the other analogies - but in this case, they flock to the same place.

Yeah, that is what I figured was their reason for being in Indiana. But that still does not explain their choice of cities.

High working class population percentage would make most sense.

Yeah, thanks for the insight. We do have like a dozen factories in the city. That would definitely make sense.